Learning Math and Art using Pokemon Cards

First time, I asked him to show me his Pokemon folder ,
He said “Mom , I thought you didn’t like Pokemon . I said Hmm..yes…but I want to see and learn more about what my son likes and maybe one day I’ll like it too. ”
He opened his folder with excitement and began sharing all kind of stories about each card. So glad I had this conversation with him.
After a few weeks , I got the opportunity to review Pokemon Cards . We were beyond excited and thrilled to hear the news.
Pokemon cards
The delivery was quick through Amazon Prime and we received it within 2 days . The cards came in a plain , plastic bag , nothing fancy like store bought packaging .The Bundle of Pokémon cards from #GoldenGroundhogPKMNLots were in good condition and it included
100 Assorted Pokemon Card Lot with Random 6 Foil Cards! Includes 3 Custom Golden Groundhog Token Counters!
My son started collecting Pokémon trading cards few months back and has close to 80 cards . The 100 cards were impressive new addition to his collection.
I had few activities planned for him using these 100 cards . What better way to learn and enjoy the summer time.
Learning Math and Art using Pokemon Cards
Materials Needed :
Assortment of Pokémon Cards
1 0z Medicine Cup Dispenser
White Poster Paper
Firstly , We sorted them according to type to see how many of Pokémon cards of each type. Sorting the cards is a great activity to keep themselves busy for quite some time .Sorting Pokemon Cards by type
All you need to do is spread all the cards on a table and sort them into piles by their type.After dividing them into piles we had
Grass : 14
Water : 16
Lighting : 6
Colorless: 11
Metal :2
Psychic: 13
Fire : 5
Fairy : 3
Dragon :5
Fighting :4
Trainers: 15
Drawing Pokemon Symbols Activity
We used a sheet of white paper to Draw the circles using medicine cup .
Draw Pokemon Type Symbols
In those circles we drew different symbols .
Draw and color Pokemon Symbols
To color the symbols we used Sharpies markers .Adding total Health points of each Pokemon card

Take one pile at a time to count and write down the number of cards next to the symbol where it belongs.
Note : As a added extension to the activity , We even calculated and wrote down the health points of each type card . All the activities weren’t done in one stretch. As my little one was showing so much interest , we worked our way ,each day for an hour for 3 days .
We had around 14 Duplicates but my son was totally happy with the variety of cards he got in the 100 pack . He plans to share the duplicates with his cousin sister and trade a few with his friends.
Learning Math and Art using Pokemon Cards
Lessons Learnt :
Turn your child’s interests into a game of learning without them realizing it !
Art skills : Drawing and Coloring symbols helps observation skills . Objects to sketch related to their hobbies or games are always more likely to interest the children.
Math Awareness & Skills : Working on counting and adding the number of cards in total helps in improving and mastering basic Math skills.
My son thoroughly enjoyed the sorting , drawing , coloring and counting activities. With Summer around , fun to see him sit and play for hours instead of watching tv .
Share your thoughts on where you buy your Pokémon trading cards or how you encourage your children in their hobbies ?
*Disclaimer: I received this product free or discounted for my honest review. All experiences and opinions are my own.


How to make Chalkboard Stepping Stones

As the weather gets better , my son loves to play outside .One of his favorite pastime is sidewalk chalk .He enjoys to write , draw and scribble using color chalks. This inspired me to make our Chalkboard stepping stones. They make a great statement in the garden and encourage in writing interesting thoughts.

Chalkboard stepping stones materials

Materials Needed :
Terracotta plant Saucers ( 10 inch )get outside
Chalkboard paint
Outdoor/Patio Paint
Paint Brushes
How to make Chalkboard Stepping Stones
How to make Chalkboard Stepping Stones
Instructions :
First step is to Paint the Saucers using outdoor friendly paints .It is a simple project , kids can work with a little help. My seven year old was able paint the saucers all by himself and he gave 2 layers of paint for each saucer with one hour interval.It kept him occupied for couple of hours.

Do it yourself Chalkboard Stepping stones
Later, We painted the inner circle of the saucer using chalkboard paint leaving nice color border.
Once all the paint is dry , we can add personalized message using chalk .
Tips and Tricks : Before you place the saucers in the garden , pack them nicely with soil underneath , so its heavy and strong.
Terracotta plant saucers are easily available in craft stores or any garden stores. Its surface is smooth and easy to work with chalkboard paint .
Lessons Learnt : Let’s see what Kids learn working on this project .
Choosing colors – My son chose his favorite colors to paint ( red , orange and yellow ).
Personalized message : Thinking of something creative to write and draw on stepping stones
Decorating the garden and spending more time outdoors .
Easy DIY Chalboard stepping stones
Decorate the garden with these easy DIY chalkboard stepping stones.

I’m joining in with my friend, blogger the lovely LarabeeUK‘s fantastic Kids in the Garden Blog Hop with 13 other bloggers. There is also a linky if you would like to share your own Kids in the Garden posts.


Kiki and Jacques {Book Review} #ReadYourWorld

I am so excited to share information about Multicultural Children’s Book Day that is tomorrow, January 27th 2016.I feel fortunate to be one of the book reviewers for this wonderful event. Today’s post includes a book review and a art we made after reading the book .
I received a free copy of this book for MCCBD 2016 in exchange for a fair and honest review. All opinions and thoughts are my own.

Kiki and Jacques Book Review MCCBD

Kiki and Jaques by Susan RossThe Book Summary
As the title suggests ,the story is about Jacques , Kiki and their Friendship .Jacques is a eleven year old boy going through lot of difficulties in life . Plus, he is under pressure from a senior to do something illegal and worries that he is not the only captain for school soccer team .Kiki is a Somali refugee , who has a scar on her face and wears a hijab . The arrival of Somali refugees in town brings lot of  twists and turns in the story .This middle grade chapter Book celebrates the power of friendship to overcome cultural differences .
Kiki and Jacques {Book Review}What we thought about the book :
To be honest , when I started reading the book ,I didn’t find it that interesting but after a few chapters ,I was thoroughly engaged with the beautiful story. This book reminded me of a terrific film ..yes a hero , heroine and a villian ..a realistic story, emotional characters showcasing love , friendship and family values. It even covers issues , youngsters struggle to deal with like bullying, drugs and peer pressures .The book is recommended for middle schoolers but my seven year was able to finish a couple chapters without any help .The book is so engaging, I bet ,he’ll finish reading all the chapters in few days.Thus ,We can say that the story is expressed in a simple language for all ages to understand.
Lessons Learnt from the story :
I simply love these two special moments in the story , one is where Jacques dares to go to the Police station to save someone innocent and other where he shares the truth behind robbery to his Dad. As a Parent , I feel these two scenes will inspire children to realize how important it is to share their thoughts , deeds and difficulties with parents.
Book Activity based on Kiki and Jacques
We drew two hands of different colors joined together, like a shake hand .. a symbol of friendship ! This art can be helpful to discuss one of the many topics in the book like the power of friendship irrespective of color, caste and religion .
Book Activity  on Kiki and Jacques
Last but not least ,My son wishes to donate the book to his elementary school but I need a green signal from his librarian or it goes to the middle school here. Either way ,I ‘ll be more than happy to donate this great book .

Multicultural Children’s Book Day 2016
Our Mission :The MCCBD team’s mission to spread the word and raise awareness about the importance of diversity in children’s literature. Our young readers need to see themselves within the pages of a book and experience other cultures, languages, traditions and religions within the pages of a book. We encourage readers, parents, teachers, caregivers and librarians to follow along the fun book reviews, author visits, event details, a multicultural children’s book linky and via our hashtag (#ReadYourWorld) on Twitter and other social media.

The wonderful co-creators of this unique event are Mia Wenjen from Pragmatic Mom and Valarie Budayr from Jump Into a Book/Audrey Press. You can find a bio for Mia and Valarie here.

Multicultural Children’s Book day 2016 Medallion Level Sponsors! #ReadYourWorld

Platinum: Wisdom Tales Press * StoryQuest Books * Lil Libros

Gold: Author Tori Nighthawk * Candlewick Press * Bharat Babies

Silver: Lee and Low Books * Chronicle Books * Capstone Young Readers

Tuttle Publishing , NY Media Works , LLC/KidLit TV

Bronze: Pomelo Books * Author Jacqueline Woodson * Papa Lemon Books * Goosebottom Books * Author Gleeson Rebello * ShoutMouse Press * Author Mahvash Shahegh * China Institute.org * Live Oak Media

Multicultural Children’s Book Day has 12 amazing Co-Host and you can view them here.

Classroom Reading Challenge: Help spread the word on our Classroom Reading Challenge . This very special offering from MCCBD offers teachers and classrooms the chance to (very easily) earn a free hardcover multicultural children’s book for their classroom library. These books are not only donated by the Junior Library Guild, but they are pre-screened and approved by them as well.

What we could really use some help with is spreading the word to your teacher/librarian/classroom connections so we can get them involved in this program. There is no cost to teachers and classrooms and we’ve made the whole process as simple as possible. You can help by tweeting the below info:

Teachers! Earn a FREE #Multicultural Kids Book for Your Classroom! #teachers, #books #teacherlife

The Classroom Reading Challenge has begun! Teachers can earn a free diversity book here ! #teachers, #books

MCCBD now has its own Paper.li! A Paper.li is a free online newspaper that aggregates information on the topic of multicultural books for kids from all over the Internet. Please feel free subscribe and stay up-to-date with this topic.

Our Diversity Book Lists and Resources for Educators and Parents are now available. Spread the word!

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Tips and Products to help you get through the season #12daysofparenting

Welcome to my third post for the #12daysofparenting Christmas blog hop which features over 60 bloggers and I’m very happy to be a part of it . #12daysofparenting is a series of blog posts on tips and tricks to survive the holidays with little ones ,as well as some great giveaways.
” On the eleventh day of Parenting – Products to help you get through the season” is today’s topic for #12daysofparenting. I’ve shared my Tips and Products to help you get through the season and you can also hop over to My Thoughts on Things blog post to see her favorite products.

Gift wrap station : I call it gift wrapping station ,where I have all the things I need to wrap a gift . Rolls of gift wrapping paper , hole punch , glue stick ,tape, scissors, stamps , ribbons, tissue paper, washi tape , tags and not to forget the pretty bows . All the things in one place makes holiday present wrapping easy and quick.

Ready to make Craft kits : I shop for Craft kits that are easy to make with simple instructions. I try to stock up a variety of craft kits that my son can make without any help .During the holidays , when Iam busy cooking especially for a party , I find these kits very helpful. My favorite places to shop for these crafts kits are any craft stores or Target . If you love shopping online, then Oriental Trading is the one I recommend.

Receipts Box : Most of us shop a lot during the holiday season . I usually Clip all the receipts together and store it in a drawer for easy access . If you need to return or exchange anything , simply open the receipt box and find the right receipt in seconds .

Homemade Snacks : Homemade Snacks are the best but they may seem like the last thing you have time for .I make dry Indian savory snacks in bulk and store it. They come handy during the busy holidays and also while travelling .Some of our favorite tasty treats are Rice Murukkus ,Boondi , Chudwa and spiced nuts .Make them ahead of time and store it in air tight containers to relish during the festive time.

Candles : Candles are great for table setting during the holidays .They make you feel all cozy inside. I love candles during special occasions and my favorite is Bath and Body Works Eucalyptus Spearmint scented candle. It makes your house smell so good.

Salt : yes..you heard it right .. Salt is my favorite product during the holidays or any event at home. Salt is for those stressful days , When you’re more active than usual. When your feet are tired and sore . Have you ever tried Soaking your feet in warm salt water ? It is feels like heaven … Not only a great stress reliever but also makes you calmer and more relaxed . It also works like magic in cleaning the feet.

Honey , Ginger and lemon : Keeping healthy during holidays is very difficult , I say with personal experience of having flu during one Christmas and believe me, it was bad. One home cold and flu remedy that works for my family is Honey , grated ginger and lemon drink. If you want to know more about it read here .Not to forget , eating a steaming bowl of soup can help clear the stuffy nose .

How can I forget my Fleece Blankie ..It keeps me warm and cozy while watching Christmassy movies and playing board games with my son.

There are so many things to help you get through the season. Some of the products I mentioned above are not brand specific. I think ,its good that you can still use these tips and find a similar product in your city/country .

What do you think of my tips ? Hop on over to Having A Baby And Living At Home blog for her tips to survive the holidays and also gain more entries to the grand prize draw. UK Residents only .
Full terms and conditions can be found here on #12daysofparenting
Todays great giveaway sponsor is Snoozeshade who have offered a Snoozeshade Original.
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Christmas Cards and Ornaments Kids can make #12daysofparenting

This is my second post for the #12daysofparenting Christmas blog hop which features over 60 bloggers and I’m very excited to be a part of it .#12daysofparenting is a series of blog posts on tips and tricks to survive the holidays with little ones ,as well as some great giveaways. If you are hopping over from Glossy Tots, hello and Welcome to my blog.

” On the fifth day of Parenting – A Christmas Craft ” is today’s topic for #12daysofparenting.
Christmas is all about celebrating togetherness .To be with the people you like and to do what you like the most .It could be shopping , wrapping ,baking or my favorite crafting . Every year for Christmas we make cards and ornaments. Handmade things are always special gifts. My son joins me in making the cards for his teachers and friends. I try to keep it as simple as possible ,so he can help or make his own .

Holiday Handmade Cards

Christmas Cards and Ornaments Kids can make

Woohoo! It’s been a crafttastic week for us .We made two cards and ornaments, which I’ll be sharing in detail below .
First let’s look at the Cards. The first card we made is Star Bright Tree and the second one is Holly berry Christmas .
Materials Needed to make Cards:
Cardstock (Plain white and red )
Shiny Green Foil Cardstock for tree
Pencil and Color Markers
Star and gifts Stickers
The Holly Berry card is very simple to make , draw leaves using green marker and then glue red sequins as berries .
Pls take a look the picture for Step by step instructions for Star Bright Card .
Teacher Gift Idea – Handmade cards are great gifts especially for Teachers. We made these cards for my son’s class room teacher , 5 special subject teachers ,the principle and school nurse .
Handmade Christmas cards

Now let’s see How to make Glitter Glue Ornaments
These ornaments are super easy to make and you’ll need only three materials to make them .My husband was thrilled to see once they were done . He didn’t believe that only glitter and glue can make such beautiful ornaments .
Materials needed :
White Glue
Glitter in various colors
Wax paper
String ( optional)
Using the tip of a glue bottle to draw any of your favorite Christmas shape .Like we drew a Christmas tree and Ginger bread man for example .
Then sprinkle glitter all over the glue . Make sure you add a lot to cover the entire shape .
Let it dry for a day , then gently peel the wax paper from the back .
Kids go crazy when it peels off clean ..so magical !
Yay ..I have step by step pictorial instructions for making Glitter Glue Christmas Tree and Ginger Bread Man Ornaments.
Glitter Glue Ornaments
Add a string and hang it on your tree or windowsill . Both ways they look beautiful and sparkly . They make a great holiday decor !
My efforts is to keep holidays simple and at the same time make it special . These ideas are inexpensive and easy enough for kids to make.What do you like to do ..baking , wrapping or crafting ? let me know what you think of our handmade cards and ornaments ?

Hop on over to Mummies Waiting blog for more 12 days of parenting tips and to gain more entries to the grand prize draw.UK Residents only .
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Have a Happy Holiday Season ! See you soon !
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Our Family Christmas Traditions #12daysofparenting

This is my very first post for the #12daysofparenting Christmas blog hop which features over 60 bloggers and I’m very excited to be a small part of it .#12daysofparenting is a series of blog posts on tips and tricks to survive the holidays with little ones ,as well as some great giveaways. If you are hopping over from Having a Baby and Living at home blog post , hello and Welcome to my blog.

12 days of parenting logo

” On the fourth day of Parenting -Our Family Traditions” is today’s topic for #12daysofparenting.
I have few childhood memories of celebrating Christmas in India but it was only after coming to United states , I started understanding more about the holiday and its traditions. We’re a Indian Family who love celebrations. We celebrate Christmas with same enthusiasm as Diwali or any Indian festival .
Our family christmas traditions collage Our Family Christmas traditions

Decorating house : We decorate our house both inside and out . We finish our outdoor lights decoration early , for our festival Diwali popularly known as Festival of Lights, comes way before Christmas. So outside is pretty much done except for adding little Christmas details .
Decorating Christmas Tree : Decorating the tree …who doesn’t love it ? One of my personal favorite tradition is buying a Christmas ornament for every important milestone in life .I have a ornament for my first Christmas with my hubby (2004) ,our baby to recently when we bought a house.
Popcorn necklaces for tree : Every year on Christmas Eve , My niece and son join me to make Popcorn garlands for decorating on tree . I usually make more popcorn because We tend to eat a lot but we also sing and tell stories while making the garlands . If you want to know more about it read here .
Holiday Arts and crafts : We are a artsy craftsy family who love spending time together making fun crafts. My niece and son enjoy making Christmas cards and tags for teachers and friends.
Watching Movies : Throughout the holiday season we watch Christmas movies .Beautiful, heart touching, family movies showing the love and true spirit of Christmas.
Yay..Cozy House + Movies = Family time.
Family Moments : Having a family close by is a blessing .Love Spending time with my sister’s family on Christmas eve and Christmas.Opening presents in PJ’s , eating delicious cookies my sister baked and watching my niece and son play together are best moments of Christmas.
Toys for Tots: Few years back , me and my husband started a giveback project . Every year we donate couple of toys to Toys for Tots Organisation. This year ,my seven year old helped me in choosing the toys to be donated.Glad to see him learn the importance of doing so along the process. After all, Giving back to those in need embodies the true spirit of the holiday season.

Hop on over to The Lawless Gang blog for more 12 days of parenting tips and to gain more entries to the grand prize draw.UK Residents only .
Full terms and conditions can be found here
#12daysofparenting Giveaway T&C and Information.
Competition :-Todays Sponsor is Bambini & Me .They are offering a sleep bag.
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Stay in tune for some awesome Christmas crafts tomorrow .Have a happy Holiday season !
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Explore Dirt through Simple play

My little one enjoys outdoor activities but sometimes outside play can be a challenge. So, today we are bringing nature indoors. After reading and discussing few books on dirt, we went outside to collect a bucket full of dirt to explore.

Invitation to Explore Dirt

Explore Dirt Through Simple Play

Materials needed :
Beach bucket / container
Mud /dirt
Magnifying glass
Pen/ pencils
Instructions :
Dig into dirt an outdoor activity

Start by collecting dirt from your garden/Backyard using beach toys ,shovel to dig and bucket to collect dirt.
Early Science Explorers
Then spread the dirt on a tray .
Explore Soil through play
Use a magnifying glass to look closely at dirt .
Learning about Mud through Play
Then make a list of things you see on a paper.
Kids draw their Observations about Dirt
As you explore,draw and write Observations.

My son was very comfortable using his hands but if you don’t like your kids to get messy use gloves.This activity is perfect for ages 5-7 years old but If you have a toddler or preschooler, no worries, they can still have fun playing with mud, add few tools like cups, sand sifters or beach toys. It will keep them engaged for a while. However you choose to do it , dirt play is always fun !

Lessons Learnt :
As my son examined,he was finding little things that surprised him. Twigs, rocks, plastic ,seeds and leaves are a few things he discovered . Kids come up with unique observations ,like my son was not happy to see a piece of plastic .He said “Mom ,Plastic is not good for Earth “. He made me think that this could be great Earth day activity too.Above all , I am happy that he began to understand what dirt is made up of.
Simple Garden play at home

Do you have a curious child who loves to explore ? Then experience this Simple,fun activity and let me know what you think about it.
My post Explore Dirt is a part of a 30 Day Simple Play at Home series hosted by Adventures of Adam. Each day of the week a different blogger will be writing about simple play ideas that you can do with your kids in each room of the house for the entire month.

30 Day Simple Play Blog Hop

The Diwali Gift { Book Review }

Our Family loves reading books and personally Diwali is my favorite festival.When the authors sent me a copy of their award winning book The Diwali Gift to review , I was totally excited as there aren’t many books out there for Diwali festival .
Book -The Diwali Gift
The Diwali Gift { Book Review }

The story of 3 curious monkeys who discover little things that make Diwali so special. It all starts with the mystery package sent by grandma for Diwali .The curiosity of what’s in the package keeps a reader engaged till the end. I give kudos to Authors Shweta Chopra and Shuchi Mehta for covering the traditions like Lakshmi puja , Lighting lamps, bursting fireworks ,exchanging gifts and decorating the house with Rangoli in a simple , fun way . Not to forget the Book Illustrator Anna Koan who excelled in bringing these traditions to life .The illustrations are cute, accurate and colorful to grab a child’s attention . Wonderful usage of Indian motifs like bindi , Rangoli , Mithai( sweets) , Diyas , the clothing Lehenga and Saree , flower garlands.

The authors managed to capture the essence of Diwali festival while exhibiting the Indian culture in a unique form . This beautifully illustrated picture book is perfect if you are celebrating Diwali at preschool or elementary school. In addition to the book, their website 3 Curious Monkeys also includes a common core Diwali lesson plans and various printables to make Diwali a fun experience for children.
The only downside I felt is a Non-Indian , will not be familiar with terms like Dadima, Pooja , Lehenga and Readers will have to look at the end of the story to know their meanings.
The Diwali gift book Review

Favorite Character and Scence :
We like the fun , imaginative characters Suno , Dekho and Jano as monkeys that are prevalent in India . My 7 year old son enjoyed reading the book and his favorite scene is at the end where the three monkeys are happy celebrating Diwali . My 11 year old niece says her favorite part of the book was when they opened the gifts to find personalized coins and her favorite character is Suno as she loves singing and dancing too. I laughed and enjoyed the scene where grandma is using technology to explain grandkids …Completely relate to that ! I Thank the authors for sending us this wonderful book , my son thoroughly enjoyed it !

As Diwali is just a few days away , you can pick a copy for yourself or gift someone by clicking 3 curious monkeys website or on Amazon .

Disclosure: I received a copy of this book complimentary for review purpose. All opinions and thoughts expressed here are honest and my own.

Diwali books

Celebrating Diwali with Books

Frozen inspired art project for kids | Frozen Inspired card

It is my friend’s daughter’s  6th birthday and by now you guessed the theme  .All little girls are obsessed with this movie .. yes Disney’s Frozen .We planned on making a card  for little A and the card is  inspired  by FROZEN colors . So , you can say the idea of Frozen inspired art project for kids was born while planning for a birthday card .

Materials Needed :
White sheet of paper
Snowflakes Foam stickers
Watercolor  Paints (Frozen inspired colors – blues and purple)
Glitter/ glitter glue pens

Instructions :
On  a white sheet of paper ,  randomly arrange various size Foam snowflakes stickers.
We started with my  six year old  placing the stickers where he wanted them . He sounded very happy choosing the spots because generally it is mom who is directing  with instructions.
Snowflake Art Project

Now he  painted  over the foam stickers. I wanted him to do three shades of colors but he was more comfortable in doing two shades . The two shades are frozen theme Favorite colors  blue and purple shades.

Frozen Inspired Snowflake art for kids

After my son finished painting , we kept it to dry for couple of hours .

Now the fun part … peeling  the foam stickers ,  Ashrith is been  waiting to do this .  The foam stickers are easy to peel  for little hands. He was too excited to peel and reveal the snowflakes.

Frozen Inspired art project for kids

If you want an extension to this  project ,  you can turn your art into a beautiful card just like we did . Frozen Inspired birthday card to make a little girl feel special
Frozen inspired Birthday Card

Fold the painted art sheet paper the way you like the card.. a rectangle or a square.
Use Sharpie or paint to add details wherever required.
Last step is to add glitter , this will enhance the beauty of the card.

Quick tips :
To make little glitter circles , I used pen cap as a stamp , dipped it in glue and made a print . Later sprinkled glitter over it .I prefer using glitter glue pens , as they are not as messy as the glitter powders but in this project I used both form of glitters.
To make it more fun for a Frozen fan , you can add Olaf ,Anna and Elsa stickers too.

Lessons Learnt :
Develop Fine motor skills : Peeling stickers and painting helps build fine motor skills .

How do you like our Frozen inspired Art turned in to a Handmade Card ? If you have a Frozen fan , then pull out the craft supplies ,make this piece of art and let us know how it turned out .
Linking this to #toddlerapprovedtuesday



Currently logo

Currently Happy… about writing on the blog. I gave up writing due to many health issues but slowly recovering now. My readers wanted me to come back and here I am ..yeah ..writing my first post after 3 months. …Thank you readers …you are my strength .

Currently Excited.. about Picture day at school. I take at least 10 snaps to get Ashrith look at the camera. God help the photographer to click so many kids .I hope, he gets a good pic for the magazine ..not a weirdo eyes or a fake smile.

Currently Getting ready.. for Navrathri Puja . Today is the first day of Devi Navarathri / Sharada Navarathri . We have a custom to plant barley seeds in a small pot on the first day of Navrathri. If you want to know more abt the puja and festival read my previous posts Navrathri Puja, Drawing of Maa Durga and Navrathri Puja Samagri list.

Currently Frustrated..Knowing about Parmesan Cheese . Did you know Parmesan Chesse is not vegetarian . It is made with cow’s milk and calf Rennet ( meaning stomach parts of baby cow ). So, all my Vegeterian friends, next time you eat a Bread stick or pizza at Dominoes ….remember it has Parmesan in it . I am totally sad and frustrated. My outdoor Vegetarian options keep reducing every day!

Currently Confused.. about iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 plus . What do u think ? Which one is better ? Not sure which one to pick .Any reviews pls let me know .

Feeling awesome writing here , stay in tune for more interesting updates. Please feel free to comment ! Have a wonderful week and Navathri celebrations .