Mommy and Child Doodles ( Week #4)

Mommy and child doodles

Wishing all my Readers a Very Happy Independence day/ 4thJuly !
Red White and Blue is the theme of the day .

Mommy Doodles the number 10 !
Mommy Doodles Number 10

My 10 Doodle is made using a black sharpie and Red Blue Oil Pastels.
Yes, The number “10” has a prominent place for us this year. We got married in India and started our family story here in United States. It has been a long journey with fun, laughter, sorrows , happiness and victories. I love my Motherland India but after living in America for 10 yrs , I can say it is my home away from Home. So, we celebrating our 10th ( 4th of july )Independence day.

Child Doodles the American Flag!
Child Doodles American Flag for 4thofjuly
Ashrith loves to paint and this is the first time he tried to paint the American Flag.
He was tired after all that painting , so I traced the lines with black marker but Shhh..don’t tell him ..he will be mad at me. He loves to finish projects all himself.
We are going to do some fun stuff this weekend and fireworks ofcourse . What are your plans ?
Have a Happy and Safe 4th of July !!

Measuring Ruler costume for Vocabulary Parade Kindergarten

Measure Costume for Kindergarten Vocabulary Parade

Last month, before the school closed I had to blogpost this .Due to some reasons I couldn’t but happy to share it with you today . One of the last events of the school was a Vocabulary Parade. These parades are not only fun for kids but also a learning experience . It encourages them to read and learn new words. The Kindergarten students were asked to make a creative costume using any recycle material like paper, boxes, plates. The costume is based on a Vocabulary Word and I chose the word ” Measure” . To represent and explain the word Measure we made a Ruler costume .

I know ..there were plenty options ..I don’t know why I chose Ruler. I wanted to do something different and thought Ruler was out of the box . My friends and hubby thought there was not much scope to bring color and creativity in it . Now it was a challenge for me to do something .
I wanted to make a costume where kids learn the word measure using Ruler. Here’s, What we made with pictorial details.
Ruler made out of paper
First we need 2 sheets of yellow poster paper
Fold each yellow poster paper into half( length wise )
We did a front side of the costume and a back side .
Attach both sides of the costume with a ribbon.(the size of ribbon.. measure your kids head and shoulders , so it is easy for him to remove and wear at school)
Measuring Ruler made for Vocabulary parade
Using a black marker have inches and cms lines drawn
Ruler Costume for Kindergraten Vocabulary day

Front side of Measuring Ruler COSTUME

Front side of the costume : we wrote the word “Measure”
” I am a Ruler as Special as can be .Please Measure with me !
Back side of Measuring Ruler Costume
Back side of the costume : we drew 3 candy and asked “How Tall are they ? Measure ! (got candy inspiration from a worksheet I saw here)

Kids involvement :We are one of those families who enjoy project works and Kid’s involvement is very important. Ashrith patiently waited while taking his shoulder measurements. He traced all the pencil lines with marker .. the centimeter lines you see on the scale . I am glad that he loved helping me in making his costume.
What do you think of our Costume ? Pls feel free to comments. See you all real soon !

Easy DIY Father’s Day Decorative Magnet Gift

DIY Father's day Custom  Magnet Gift
I wanted to make something easy for Father’s day , so my six year old can get involved. A simple DIY project reusing the Flexi Magnets.
Father'sday gift idea materials

Materials Required :
Flexi Magnet (used oval but anyshape is fine )
Foam stickers ( letters )
Foam sheet ( Used sticky back )

Instructions :
Handmade Foam Magnet gift
Cut a foam sheet to the size of the flexi magnet .
Peel and stick it to the Magnet.
Father's Day  Handmade gift
Now take the foam letters “DAD” and glue them .Decorate the way you like it .

Note : Flexi Magnets are popular promotional items used by companies. They come in different shapes and sizes.

Kids involvement : Ashrith digged for the letters D and A from the big bag of Foam letters. Next he peeled all the letters and pasted them where and when directed . He enjoyed making this Decorative Magnet gift for his dad.

DIY Father's Day Decorative Magnet Gift
Beautiful Handmade gift is ready for Dad’s office. We made it two days back but didn’t post about it bcos my hubby is the first one to read all my Posts .What can I say ..He is a Awesome Dad ! Wishing him and all the lovely Fathers out there a Very Happy Father’s Day !

Rainy day activity : Painting with white bouquet flowers

Rainyday activity for kids  painting with flowers

How to pass time on Rainy day ? I had no activity planned for the day and when I was about to throw all my dried flowers of bouquet , I got the idea of giving them to my son for painting.Sometimes spur of the moment ideas work wonders.We are painting with tiny white flowers. Yes,Flowers we see all the time ..Very popular in bouquets and floral arrangements. Do you know what they are called? I had to google..They belong to carnation family and are called Gysophila.

Painting with Gyposphila Flowers
The tiny white flowers stems are nice and strong for kids to hold just like brushes.

Painting with flowers
A paper plate with few acrylic paints to dip and paint.

Painting with flowers for kids
For my six year old it was easy , he randomly painted with all the colors .

Painting with boquet flowers for kids
A modern painting is here to showcase !

We enjoyed exploring dried flowers and paints. How about you ? Please share your summer plans and fun activities .I would love to hear !

Mommy and Child Doodles ( Week #3)

Mommy and child doodles

I started the doodle series for two reasons, the first to challenge the arty person in me , who really loves art and brushes but never gets time to use them.This series is giving me a chance to renew my passion and get back to Art . It’s like going back to basics. The second reason is to spend quality time with my son at the art table since he loves to draw and paint just like me.

For today’s mommy and child doodles we got inspiration from flowers blooming everywhere. This time we did not use any pencil and chose to paint directly.

Mommy Doodles : A simple Red Rose painting
Mommy Doodles: Red Rose painting

Kids love to draw what they see in their surroundings. Spring is definitely inspiring!
Child Doodles : In Ashrith’s words .. a Super Spring Day painting .
Child Doodles:  Super Spring painting

The weather is beautiful and we are having awesome outdoor fun. Playground ,long walks at the park, swimming pool and what not . What are you up to ? Please feel free to comment and share ! Stay in tune for Fun projects coming up for kids .

Creative Play : Exploring Ice with Sea Animals

Today I am sharing creative play with Ice. Whenever I open the freezer , Ashrith is curious about the ice cubes. He wants to hold them and play. We usually play with  different shapes ice cubes  made from  Ikea store ice trays but for  today ‘s play we added Plastic  Reusable Sea animals Ice cubes and Plastic ocean animals.

Materials Needed:

Baby bath tub or any big plastic container

Muffin Pan

Ice cubes ( Sea Animals or  tiny plastic toys)


Toy Hammer & Shovel


Ice play :Plastic Sea animals in Muffin tin

Take a Muffin Pan ,add Plastic Ice cubes or toys  of any kind like we added Sea animals.

Ice Play with Plastic Sea animals

Now add water to the muffin tray and freeze it overnite.

Creative Ice play with Plastic cubes

Next day just scoop out the nice round iceblocks from Muffin tray. They came out very easily …no efforts.That’s a relief!

Place a baby bath tub with the ice rounds blocks and now its ready to play.
Creative play: Exploring Ice

First Ashrith digged ,explored for a while and later enjoyed banging the ice with Hammer.He had fun breaking the ice with his toy hammer and finding the hidden sea animals. He felt like a Hero saving Sea animals.

Plastic Reusable Ice cubes Play

Note: Reusable Plastic  Ice cubes come in many varieties ,I bought Sea animal Ice cubes at Target store , you can find similar ones on Amazon here. If you are looking for them in stores they are usually found in summer collection aisle where you have pitchers, caddy and picnic stuff.

Ocean animals

If you are looking for more Ice  Play activities for kids  , do try this  too .In the collage below you can see ice play with tiny plastic animals. The Ocean animals were bought at a Dollar store .These little things are not pricey and we can reuse them for countless activities.

Ice Play with Sea Animals
Lessons Learnt: He researched about Ice…telling why he can’t hold the ice in hand for long .. about its coolness . Recognising all Sea/Ocean Animals hidden in the ice.

It was indeed learning through play … a totally fun experience. We’ll be doing a lot of Ice play this summer holidays when the days are hot and BTW ..I am also thinking of ways to reuse these animals. So, look out for my coming posts ! What do you think about our Ice play ? Do send me your ideas and suggestions through comments …I will be happy to hear them .

Ugadi Craft for Kids : Glitter Mango

Ugadi Glitter Mango art for kids
Ugadi ..Telugu New year according to the lunar calendar followed in Andhra Pradesh, India.
The moment, we talk about this festival , the first thing that comes to our mind is Ugadi Pachadi .It is made of Tamarind, neem, jaggery and raw mango pieces.
Teaching Kids about Ugadi Pachadi
The festival marks the beginning of mango season. Indians enjoy Raw Mango with a pinch of salt and also add in various dishes.
Raw Mango relished

Excited to share,festive experience with Ashrith, teaching him about Ugadi Festival and Mango. We spoke about raw mango, its color, texture and taste.Teaching kids about raw Mango
After tasting the raw mango for the first time ,he said “It’s sour Mom!” …Hmm ..Yes son,it is sour like a lemon, after a second he said ,”No it is more sour than a lemon.” I agree with him ..Raw mangoes are definitely Sour but really awesome to eat. YUM!
My five year old had a experience to put his taste buds to test and he did great.Love teaching kids about traditions through play and one such attempt is this Mango art.
Now ,lets see step to step pictorial Mango Art for kids
Materials Needed:
White paper
Green paint
Green glitter
Mango drawing for Ugadi
Draw a mango on a white piece of paper. If you are not comfortable sketching , you can print mango coloring pages here.
Mango Painting for Ugadi
Paint the mango with greens. Younger kids can paint a single shade of green and older kids can try different shades of green with a tint of red and browns. Let the imaginations soar!
Add glitter when the paint is still wet. Later,outline the mango with a glitter glue pen or tube.
Mango Art for Kids

Ashrith enjoyed painting mango and the fun was a chance to explore glitter.Some tips for glitter choices.In this project, I have two types glitter, one is tiny dots glitter sprinkled and other is glitter glue.Like most Moms,not a big fan of glitter,Scared of mess, you can always use glitter glue. Glitter glue comes in tubes and pens.Glitter glue pens are easy to use even for younger kids. In this project , we used glitter tube but it was hard for Ashrith . So, I recommend Crayola glitter glue pens for kids.
Art for kids  Glitter Mango

Thanks to Lakshmi Kala for sending in some awesome pics of Mangoes and Ugadi Pachadi . Lakshmi Kala is an aspiring Professional photographer from Hyderabad , India and you can see her works here

Green glitter Mangoes are ready to relish ..LOL…I mean virtually. Do you love Mango and our Mango art? Love to hear your thoughts , Please comment below. If you enjoyed this post, like it and share it !
Happy Ugadi and wishing everyone a wonderful year !!


Currently logo

Currently sad …about the end of MH370.My prayers go out to the family and friends of the passengers and cabin crew .May God give them strength to go through this horrible time. RIP for all on board !

Currently proud.. Mama yes.. Ashrith is the star student of the day! He came home , totally excited, showed his bracelet and drew this on the white board. Loving it !
Star student at school with braceletl

Currently drinking.. Green tea…yes initially I was not a big fan of it but slowly started liking it . As a Indian ,Black tea rules but Green tea is the new trend. It is proven that green tea has more health benefits attached to it than black tea is (apparently) due to the processing.

Currently happy ..with the response I got for mommy and child doodle series . I know , I am not doing extraordinary art neither am a trained artist but I have the passion for art. I am just getting the hang of it ,not too confident but trying to keep my lines straight . It does get frustrating sometimes bcoz I expect to do a lot better . As a mom, home maker ,blogger it’s difficult for me to take out time for sketching but I won’t give up.Thank you all for the love and encouragement . It means a lot!

Currently mad… about the crazy weather here , we are expecting snow today and temperatures are low , what can I say ? Two days back it was our first day of spring and it’s still snowing. This is crazy ! I want to enjoy outdoors ,sunlight and need more vitamin D.

While writing Currently, I felt we go through so many emotions in a day, Life is too short, Enjoy every bit of it ! What are you doing currently? Pls leave your comments below . See ya real soon ! Have a wonderful week !

Mommy and Child Doodles ( Week #2)

Mommy and child doodles

Last week ,I started a new feature on my blog “Mommy and child Doodles”. What can I say , it is a Hit ! My Friends,readers loved it and appreciated my efforts. One  Reader Mom (who loves to paints) said her favorite quote “You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.” So , Keep Painting ! It felt so inspiring !
This week , two holidays/ festivals were celebrated one  is St.Patricks day and the other Holi. I googled for these festivities,randomly picked two images and tried to sketch them of course in Appu style ( added some personal touch ) .

For St. Patrick’s day ..the sketch is totally green … Green paper and different shades of green Markers .
St.Patrick's Day Doodle by Mom                                                                 Mommy Doodles

For Holi ,the sketch is colorful and used oil pastels in various shades .
Holi Doodle by Mom                                                               Mommy Doodles

Now its time to show my son’s art. Clover Child artSketch of a clover..totally done by him including paper cutting, coloring and stickers.
My imaginative Five year old sharing his dream, story and art.
Child Doodle                                                    The Cracker that decorated Me
In his own words: “In my dream, I saw a cracker with two eyes ,one mouth ,two legs and arms with a crayon .The cracker wanted to decorate a piece of wood with crayon.He thought my hand was a piece of wood and he started decorating me and later he invited all his friends to decorate my hands. In few minutes,there were so many crackers around me .They left, when both my hands were decorated.” I told you ..He is one imaginative boy!
I hope you enjoyed our art. Thank you for visiting Mommy and child doodles.
What do you think ? What should I try next : Water colors, Acrylics or Pencil sketching. Pls leave your answer in the comment box .If you like anything, pls click on any social media icons below. Have a wonderful weekend ! See ya real soon !

Colorful Phonics Sensory Play for Kindergarteners

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Color sorting sensory bin
Rainy days with low temperatures, what to do? It is difficult to keep kids occupied and as a Mom I always find new ways to entertain my five year old indoors. One such attempt is this Phonics Sensory play .We initially collected all colorful stuff from our play room and planned for colorful Sensory Bin. If you have no clue what a Sensory Bin is then let me explain. It is nothing but a container filled  with simple ingredients like rice, beans, little toys etc. Basically helping kids explore different textures. It’s easy ..just dump in whatever  little  fun things you have but keep a close watch on little ones who are still mouthing .

Sensory bin with Magnetic letters

To  make a Colorful Phonics Sensory Play for Kindergarteners , first thing we need is a large container for kids to dig in and explore. I used a Sterilite Plastic Container( 20 gallon) but its height is a little more so I would prefer a flatter box for younger kids.

Materials for Sensory bin
Like I said, we started with a color sorting Sensory bin, So added few colorful Animal Counters, Wooden Triangles,Magnetic Letters and Numbers.The colorful objects  are mixed in rice.One ingredient that is easily available in an Indian household. Beside the box ,we spread different color foam sheets for color sorting .If you don’t have foam sheets, no problem, use color paper sheets or color bowls, anything readily available at home.

Color Sorting Sensory Bin

Color Sorting Sensory Bin with Foam Sheets
After digging and exploring for some time, Ashrith sorted the tiny objects on the color sheets. He did a marvelous job !

Along the process, we came up with idea of playing with letters. He started making words with magnetic letters in the rice and trying to spell them with sounds. It was so much fun and he sure is learning his phonics. Way to go Kindergartener!

If you have Kindergartener at home , you can try this fun method… learning phonics and sight words or make a Colorful Sensory Bin for younger kids. What do you think ? Mail me or leave a comment below if you have any questions or just  click the like button below .See ya!

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