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Currently waiting and praying for the missing airplane MH370. How can a plane of such size go missing ? When will this mystery be solved ? My heart goes out to the families of missing passengers waiting with a hope .We need more prayers and hopefully a miracle to happen .
web-malaysia-3-getty                                                                   Image Credit : Getty

Currently Wearing Green ..not me … my son. It’s St. Patrick’s Day celebrations at School ..all kids asked to wear Green. My son can’t stay still so blurry pics 🙁
St.patricks day : Dressed in green to school

Currently Drinking Lemon water ..Yes ..Spring season calls for a fresh new beginning and what better way to start being healthy.Eating more fruits,veggies,proteins and less carbs( I’ll miss rice ).The first few days is going to be tough but just think about the rewards ! LOL
And BTW my Treadmill is all fixed , ready to be used . Excited !

Currently Loving .. Alphabet Stamps found at Michaels (small size) for a dollar and at Target store dollar spot (bigger size) for 3$ .If you have a little one at home , then do buy them ,will help learning alphabets or use them for any art project. I am addicted to Stationery.I have so much of stuff and still keep buying. My hubby thinks ..I am crazy but can’t stop buying .What to do ?
alphabet stamps at Michaels store

Currently happy about 100 Facebook likes. Yes …Happiness comes in small victories. Thank you to everyone for reading and following , liking and commenting.

That’s for now ! Stay in tune ! See ya real soon !

Mommy and Child Doodles ( Week#1)

Mommy and child doodles

We are ready with our first Mommy and Child Doodles series.You not only get to see my son’s art but also my art..i.e a double bonus. This is a kind of challenge I gave myself . Why ? I mentioned before , I am renewing my passion for art and finding my way back to drawing and painting. Now , after so many years , I tried making a pattern with oil pastels. I remember, the first time, I used oil pastels were when my dad brought them from Dubai in 80’s, I was instantly in love with them. Oil pastels are similar to crayons …so made me confident and comfortable to color.
Oil Pastel pattern                                                  Mommy Doodles!
I know,it is a simple art pattern but right now I am not that confident and prefer taking baby steps. Let’s see where this leads me to !

Spring drawing                                        Child Doodles!
What can I say…as a mother, I am so proud of my son’s thoughts and creativity. Lately, he is been doodling a lot on white board and showcasing today is his Spring drawing. He made this for me …yep …I am the lucky one receiving flowers from my son Ashrith . He has magnet letters ..M on me and A for himself. I love my dress, it has flowers too! So..Sweet!

I love the idea of sharing my art as well as rediscovering the Arty person in me.It’s the best feeling to do something you always wanted to do. I am looking forward to experiment with different art materials in future. So, stay in tune to see my art creations! What do you think about my art ? I’d love to hear what you think ? Pls leave your valuable comments below.
That’s all for now ! See ya real soon !


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Currently Happy…about Ashrith recovering from severe ear infection. He was in so much pain for 3 days , it was a terrible experience and glad we are over it.

Currently Worried… about the missing airplane.What happened? Hopefully they find clues to get to the plane. Until then …we can pray for those families who are eagerly waiting with a hope to see their loved ones .

Currently Excited…. about my first Mommy and child doodles series. If you follow me , you’ll know what Iam talking about . I am renewing my passion for art and finding my way back to drawing and painting.So,stay in tune !

Currently Wishing..  for Good weather! I know it may seem like ,I have been complaining forever about the weather but it’s true we r done with winter . All we want is blooming flowers and sunlight .

Currently on my to-do list … is planing for my Vegetable Garden. I need to do research on saving my veggies from rabbits. We have crazy lot of white and brown rabbits in my backyard.Please share any ideas or suggestions to save my veggies.
That’s all for now ! See ya really soon!

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Currently Smiling….sharing this story…If you follow me , I promised to post the special dessert pics , made for my niece mentioned in Random act of kindness week ..Smile. Here r the details with pics.

My 10 year old niece was singing on stage and BTW it was her first Music concert performance .Wanted to suprise her , my sister had special  dinner plans ,but after the concert they were coming straight to my house , so it made me  think … What gift to suprise on her achievement.

Atte ka halwa music fun food

She loves when I make Aate ka Halwa (Whole Wheat Dessert) for her . Thought of presenting the halwa in an innovative way . You can say some fun food .Initially, my idea was to make the symbols in Aata but didn’t work that well. Aata(flour) kept breaking and I had to go with my second option. I spread the halwa on a plate and made music symbols using color saunf (sugar coated fennel) and then printed word “CONGRATS” using letter fridge magnets.She was spell bound on seeing the halwa. It made me smile seeing her happy face!

Atte ka halwa:Music symbols fun food

Currently Annoyed … about the snow we are expecting this evening .Is winter over yet ? I can’t take it anymore! Let’s think Spring.

Currently Buying …Grocery (pick up bread, milk) … before every storm … it get’s crazy here…some times we hardly find any bread or milk left in stores.

Currently Excited …about Renewing my passion for Art.Getting back to do some art work/ paintings… It’s long time ,holding a paint brush or pastels in my hand . Why is it so difficult to find time to do something you love. I am planning to start a new series Mommy and child doodles…so every week ,I get to share my Art as well as Ashrith’s art. This way ,I can try to keep my passion alive. What say ? Share your passion and how you take out time to keep it alive ?

Currently Loving …Ashrith’s drawing …Crocodile chasing a Baby Tiger …How silly is that ? He is one imaginative kid .

ashrith drawing: crocodile chasing tiger

That’s all for now …What are you doing currently ? See you real soon with something exciting !

Rainbow Art & Crafts for Preschoolers/Kindergartens

This post contains Amazon affiliate links to Do-a-Dot Markers we used for one project below. If you purchase markers through these links, we may earn a small commission. This does not affect the price of the item for you. Thank you for supporting this blog!

Let’s  start with a positive feeling like Spring’s in the air! I mentioned it before,we are playing with colors and Colors remind me of the beautiful Rainbow …the blues, the greens, yellow, reds, purple. My son and I have worked on couple of  Rainbow projects we would like share here.

Rainbow Butterfly using dot markers

Three days back , while  Ashrith was using his dot markers , we got the idea of the Rainbow Butterfly . I drew outline of the butterfly using black marker  and he did the color dots.
I love Do A Dot Art Markers as they are super easy to use and quite mess free. Ashrith was adamant about not using puple color marker ..don’t know why ? The butterfly looks pretty colorful but how I wish he used the purple marker too.  I want him to explore his art in his own way  rather than expecting the results to be picture perfect.So, here is our beautiful colorful Rainbow butterfly minus purple! This project is good for both for preschoolers and Kindergartens.

Rainbow waters art for kids

Inspired by our beach towel …we came up with this colorful project called .. Rainbow Waters with Fishes. On a paper , using scale and pencil ,draw  vertical lines for different color water. Next add few fishes and plants .  We chose the crayon colors first , then  lined them, accordingly in a row, making it easy for him to color. Ashrith colored everything amazingly good …looks like a playful Rainbow underwater ocean ! I hope you will try this easy and simple project using basic supplies (paper, scale , pencil and crayons).

Rainbow Pinwheel craft for kids

 Another project  we made is the Rainbow Pinwheel using scraps of paper . Cut color paper triangles of unequal sizes. Now arrange the triangles in a circle to form a pin wheel and glue them. In the center , we used  a foam circle sticker .. to give dimension , if you don’t have foam stickers , you can always use a color paper. Ashrith was tired of gluing, so we drew a stick and colored it brown but you always use color paper for it too. Make and enjoy Rainbow Pinwheel .. the perfect decoration for Spring!

Note: Rainbow art and craft projects mentioned here are perfect for ages 4-6 with a little help from adults .Totally tried and tested on my 5yr old!

We had fun making Rainbow Art & Crafts for Preschoolers/Kindergartens.Do you have any Rainbow art/craft ideas for kids…then Pls do share. I would love to hear from you. We had tons of fun doing these Rainbow projects and looking forward to making more creative stuff. That’s all for now ! See ya soon with something interesting!
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Currently ….

Currently logoCurrently Loving…My niece, Sharanya’s Birthday  …she turns 10 today . OMG….10 years , how time flies, It feels like yesterday when I held her in my arms. Sharanya …”  If I ever had a daughter, I would want her to be exactly like you.” Happy Birthday Sweetie!


Currently Working …On Rainbow crafts with Ashrith . I enjoy drawing and doing crafts with him. He gets so involved and his imagination is unbelievable . Right now , we are playing with colors and all sorts of materials .The projects are turning out great …will be posting about it soon . Stay in tune!

Currently Buying…Gifts for my niece …I have a tradition of giving her gifts equal to her age …so this year it’s 10 gifts .I mean …10 gifts for 10th birthday . I did a little research about the trends going on with tween girls .Hope she likes and finds my gifts interesting.

Currently Sharing ….this story about the little boy in Michigan who said he has no friends to invite to his birthday party that is now getting showered with cards and gifts thru the “Happy Birthday Colin” campaign may be the sweetest story ever .I read this at Jennifer’s blog and found it interesting and wanted to share with you all.

Currently  Eating … at Panera Bread …Our family enjoys going to this restaurant once in a while either for breakfast or lunch .They have a lot of vegetarian options makes me 🙂 BTW  Ashrith loves Bear Claw ..a pastry puff with almond filling .

panera bread bear claw

That’s all for now ! What are you doing currently ? Share your current favorites and if you have any Rainbow craft idea …mail me !

Cup cake Handmade card for First Birthday

Cupcake handmade card

I love to make something creative for near and dear ones. If you follow me , you’ll know , I have made a bunch of  handmade cards before .Most of the time, I don’t make these cards until the D- day , it is always a last minute thing .I start making a card when an idea pops up in my mind or if I know what theme they are celebrating. Last year ,I made this card for Aadya baby’s First birthday and she turned two last week .So …sweet. Looking at her birthday pics , I realized not sharing with you. So, here it is my Awesome
Cup cake Handmade card for First Birthday

Cupcake first birthday card

It is simple, beautiful Card and if u plan to make one …here are the details …..

Materials needed: Cardstock Plain and striped

White flannel sheet

Foam stickers ( Various shapes),



Make a greeting card out of a cardstock paper.

Using striped paper make a cup cake liner.

The frosting on top  was made using white flannel sheet.

Make a candle out of a plain cardstock paper.

Now glue the frosting over the striped liner to look like a cupcake.

Glue the candle on the cup cake. Peel various foam stickers and stick them randomly to look like confetti.

Sprinkle some glitter over the frosting .

first birthday handmade cupcake card

Note: Most of the stuff, for this project was bought at Dollar store. This post is not sponsored by them … just for your information.I added one candle …bcos it was for first birthday but u add any number candles.

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Let me know what you think about the card !That’s all for now ! see ya real soon !

(Random Act of Kindness Week :Feb 10th to 16th ) Day 4

Reach out to someone kindness act

What are we doing on Day 4 of Random Act of Kindness …Reach out to Someone ….This can be done in many ways. I have a  few kindness acts through which you can reach out to people.

Be a Welcoming neighbor …YES…Love thy Neighbor is the greatest principle shared by all the religions.When a new neighbor moves in, make an effort to welcome them to the neighborhood. We can create a safe  environment for our family by establishing a trusting relationship with the neighbors. I have a little story to share with you all.

Welcoming new neighbour with a treat

This happened ,two years back ,when we  moved here … in a rental  apartment community, we were greeted by a elderly lady .. I guess around 80 years old. She said ‘hello” and introduced herself as our next door neighbor. Then ,she handed us a Treat …yes…  peanut brittles box ,which was covered with a beautiful crochet hand-woven napkin and a note that read…Welcome to the Neighbourhood ! So sweet of her…and BTW the  old fashioned peanut brittles were homemade. Yum …I can never forget the taste and the smile it brought on our face. What a wonderful way to welcome a neighbor . Have you experienced something like this ? Do share your story ?

Donate… YES…..Donating even the smallest items to those who don’t have them, you’ll be providing someone with a greater sense of self-worth.

Donate little things…Fill boxes with gently used toys, clothes, and books and drop them off at  a local donation center like a good will store.We do this every year and is a easy way to help someone.

Be a Organ donor…. In the United States alone there are over 100,000 people waiting for an organ donation. By becoming an organ donor, you can literally help save lives.

Donate BloodThe blood you donate will be used to save lives. What a gift to give to someone! and the BTW my hubby donates blood every year ! So, proud of him.

stamp out hunger food drive

Collect Canned food for a food bank or food drive……. There are so many people for whom putting dinner on the table is a daunting task. I consider myself blessed to have 3 meals a day and if you feel the same …pls donate canned food .Every can counts! Every year there are many food drives going on in your community. We donated  canned food  to Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive. The letter carrier picks up your items and delivers them to local food banks or pantries.

help and support Random act of kindness

Donate Money /Monetary help….. We can contribute a small amount of our savings for some life saving missions.  This pic was taken at Wal-Mart store last week  ,it is donation box for Children’s miracle network  and I put a dollar in that. Small donations don’t  burden you and makes you feel happy and encourages you to keep doing.

 Volunteer….YES……give your valuable time for a cause . Volunteer at a food drive, school, library anywhere where help is needed. Volunteer to coach a youth sports team or to help someone moving. A little help goes a long way .

I read in the latest issue of All You magazine a small story I would like to share. It is about Abby Mc Ginnis…a 9 year old girl living in Johnstown , PA.She works to improve the lives of kids who are blind.When she found out that a blind girl at her school had only seven braille books available to her in the library. she organized a fund raiser last year bringing in more than $1000 to buy 90 books plus some games.After that she wanted to help even more kids so she now makes no sew fleece blankets. She raised 700$ dollars so far by selling 23 blankets in less than six months. Her Facebook page Blankets 4 Books is where you can see her blankie pics. This girl is a true inspiration to us . Is there anyone who inspires you to be a better person. Share your inspiring stories below in the comment box or email me .I would love to hear from you.

All the Kindness ideas are basically borrowed from the huge list of random act of kindness organization but like I said before in Aparna style ,a little bit of  my personal stories and experience. For more  ideas on kindness acts you can visit here .Though today is the last day of Random Act of Kindness Week 2014 , we can do kindness acts every single day … throughout the year . Making ourselves better human beings and  the world a better place to live . That’s all for now !See ya real soon with something interesting. Until then ……….Donate: Volunteer: Smile: Spread Kindness! .

Valentines Treat bags with Souvenirs from India

Valentines Treat Bags with Souvenirs from IndiaYesterday ,Ashrith’s  friends in school received our special  Valentine goody bags .The wait is over , it’s reveal time … Yes ..the surprise Goody bags special Valentines treat bags .. I was talking all these days.

Two months back , On our trip to India, we bought souvenirs for Ashrith’s  classmates. His class has twenty four kids including Ashrith . I wanted anything small due to the luggage problem. The idea was to look  for something Indian ….like local handicrafts . Going shopping around the town looking for stuff was not possible.We stayed only  for  4 weeks and that’s awfully less. So, went straight to Lepakshi …the Best place to shop for souvenirs in Hyderabad.

After looking around the store , I picked Etikoppaka Toys for the class.

Lepakshi Toys  Souvenirs of IndiaEtikoppaka toys are tiny wooden toys made by artisans in Visakhapatnam dt, Andhra Pradesh, South India. Lacquer colors are used on soft Ankudu wood to make distinctive art pieces. I bought a toy top and a beautiful Peacock.

Souvenir of India:  Etikoppaka Toy Top

I chose a toy top coz any 5 year old will love to play with a top.

National bird of India Peacock Souvenir

Beautiful peacock …bcoz its National bird of India. What better way to share about our country .

Valentines Goody Bags with wooden toys

After coming back  to States … we  put everything in the clear favor bags to make cute Valentine treat bags.The bags included a toy top, peacock, candy , a Valentine card, little message we wrote and a card from Lepakshi store telling about Etikoppaka toys.

Souvenirs from India for kids

What do you think about my  Valentines Treat Bags with Souvenirs from India ? BTW ,I am in the 7th heaven…smiling . Why ?   Just , received a message from one of the Parents saying “It is a very unique and thoughtful gift. Thank you so much.”

That’s all for now , will come up with more kindness stories tomorrow  .My blog seems to be lost without your valuable comments and feedback. Write a line or two to show your love. Until then spread some smiles and kindness.


Happy Valentine’s Day 2014 with some Fun food

Wishing all my Readers and Friends… a Happy Valentine’s Day !
I know many people don’t like valentine’s day …due to whatever reason…especially in my Homeland India …a wrong notion of Valentine’s day ..( kind of lovers thing …spoilt youth ..totally western culture….blah..blah ) .My message to people who think like that….pls … it not just about lovers or about people in love but it is about celebrating LOVE ….purely Love. A love…. that can be for anybody !
Love for your friend, dog, neighbor , teacher, family. Cutting the cake and blowing candles is western stuff but we still do it for the joy of our kid. When we have adopted so much western stuff , even things that are not good for us . Then why not Valentine’s day ….the day to celebrate love .
Valentine  Indian fun food
Only on special days , I try making some Fun Food. I made Tomato Upma(Semolina ) Breakfast for my hubby in the shape of heart. Upma heart is made using a cookie cutter bought at Target store, in the Dollar spot …ya just a dollar. I love these cookie cutter and have a collection of them .Next time you are Target , do check them out. I made my son Ashrith a Double decker Heart sandwich with one layer of nutella and one layer strawberry jam but no pic 🙁 …he was excited of course in hurry to eat it . He said” Mom,this so Good !” I am totally bowled with the expression on his face .
These are all my opnions and don’t mean offend anyone. I believe in the saying ” To love and be loved is the great happiness of existence.” – by Sydney Smith
What are your plan for Valentine’s Day ? Stay in tune for another Random Act of Kindness Day .See ya soon.