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  1. Hi Aparna,

    Your website is mind-blowing…seriously awesome. I went
    through your entire blog and also your experience on Sri Sai, I got so emotional that tears were just rolling from my eyes.

    I need your help.
    I’m staying in Bur Dubai, and I’m planning to have Sai bhajans on every Thursday eve. where we can sing songs in praise of Sai baba and offer prasadam to the people who are coming that eve.

    So I want to know what are the things required, how to start up with this and also how to invite people.

    1. Hi Archana, I am happy to hear you liked my blog. Thank you for all the sweet words. It’s nice you want to start a bhajan group in ur neighbourhood . I will be writing a blog post soon on How to start a bhajan group with all details but for now I can say one thing: make a routine to do bhajans,Sai arathi every Thursday in your home, offer food and invite one or two friends who r interested.Sincere practice is most important ! Read my post on , it gives you most of the details of how to worship Baba.Will definitely send you all the deatails soon. Thank you ! Stay in tune !

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