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Diwali Craft : Paper Plate Rangoli idea for kids

Diwali is one of the most important and colorful of the Indian festivals. It is a festival of joy , splendor , brightness and happiness. No matter which part of the world we live , Diwali is celebrated with great enthusiasm by Indians .
During Diwali , people decorate their floors with Rangoli . This patterns are generally made with white powder or rice flour ,chalk, colored sand or flowers . The traditional Rangoli making is tough outdoors because the weather is chilly at this time of the year especially for us on east coast of United States . Keeping all this in mind , I wanted to create something that is colorful , not a lot of mess while making and easy for kids to understand . That’s when I came up this idea of Paper plate Rangoli , it can be made well in advance and reused every year too.
I think in this generation we need to be creative in making our festivals special and fun for kids. One such attempt is our
Diwali Craft : Paper Plate Rangoli idea for kids
Materials Needed :
Paper plate
IKEA Mala Fluorescent/glitter paints
Color Sharpies
Instructions :
Use a pencil to draw any Rangoli design on Paper Plate.
Once you are happy with your design , use Ikea paints to make outlines .
It’ll take few hours for the paint to dry .
After the paint dries , use color sharpies to fill in the spaces .
Now go ahead and add Rhinestones randomly or symmetrically wherever the design requires.
The beautiful and colorful Paper plate Rangoli is now a perfect Diwali décor !
Adding an extension to this activity is to arrange flowers around the paper plate Rangoli making it more elegant and colorful.
Lessons learnt : Rangoli making using paper plate , paints and decorating with flowers needs creativity and thought process .
Drawing Rangoli designs helps them learn the concept of symmetry. They color symmetrical, so that both sides of the design are same colors .
Last but not least ..Learn about rich Indian culture and the history of Rangolis .

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The Diwali Gift { Book Review }

Our Family loves reading books and personally Diwali is my favorite festival.When the authors sent me a copy of their award winning book The Diwali Gift to review , I was totally excited as there aren’t many books out there for Diwali festival .
Book -The Diwali Gift
The Diwali Gift { Book Review }

The story of 3 curious monkeys who discover little things that make Diwali so special. It all starts with the mystery package sent by grandma for Diwali .The curiosity of what’s in the package keeps a reader engaged till the end. I give kudos to Authors Shweta Chopra and Shuchi Mehta for covering the traditions like Lakshmi puja , Lighting lamps, bursting fireworks ,exchanging gifts and decorating the house with Rangoli in a simple , fun way . Not to forget the Book Illustrator Anna Koan who excelled in bringing these traditions to life .The illustrations are cute, accurate and colorful to grab a child’s attention . Wonderful usage of Indian motifs like bindi , Rangoli , Mithai( sweets) , Diyas , the clothing Lehenga and Saree , flower garlands.

The authors managed to capture the essence of Diwali festival while exhibiting the Indian culture in a unique form . This beautifully illustrated picture book is perfect if you are celebrating Diwali at preschool or elementary school. In addition to the book, their website 3 Curious Monkeys also includes a common core Diwali lesson plans and various printables to make Diwali a fun experience for children.
The only downside I felt is a Non-Indian , will not be familiar with terms like Dadima, Pooja , Lehenga and Readers will have to look at the end of the story to know their meanings.
The Diwali gift book Review

Favorite Character and Scence :
We like the fun , imaginative characters Suno , Dekho and Jano as monkeys that are prevalent in India . My 7 year old son enjoyed reading the book and his favorite scene is at the end where the three monkeys are happy celebrating Diwali . My 11 year old niece says her favorite part of the book was when they opened the gifts to find personalized coins and her favorite character is Suno as she loves singing and dancing too. I laughed and enjoyed the scene where grandma is using technology to explain grandkids …Completely relate to that ! I Thank the authors for sending us this wonderful book , my son thoroughly enjoyed it !

As Diwali is just a few days away , you can pick a copy for yourself or gift someone by clicking 3 curious monkeys website or on Amazon .

Disclosure: I received a copy of this book complimentary for review purpose. All opinions and thoughts expressed here are honest and my own.

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