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Explore Dirt through Simple play

My little one enjoys outdoor activities but sometimes outside play can be a challenge. So, today we are bringing nature indoors. After reading and discussing few books on dirt, we went outside to collect a bucket full of dirt to explore.

Invitation to Explore Dirt

Explore Dirt Through Simple Play

Materials needed :
Beach bucket / container
Mud /dirt
Magnifying glass
Pen/ pencils
Instructions :
Dig into dirt an outdoor activity

Start by collecting dirt from your garden/Backyard using beach toys ,shovel to dig and bucket to collect dirt.
Early Science Explorers
Then spread the dirt on a tray .
Explore Soil through play
Use a magnifying glass to look closely at dirt .
Learning about Mud through Play
Then make a list of things you see on a paper.
Kids draw their Observations about Dirt
As you explore,draw and write Observations.

My son was very comfortable using his hands but if you don’t like your kids to get messy use gloves.This activity is perfect for ages 5-7 years old but If you have a toddler or preschooler, no worries, they can still have fun playing with mud, add few tools like cups, sand sifters or beach toys. It will keep them engaged for a while. However you choose to do it , dirt play is always fun !

Lessons Learnt :
As my son examined,he was finding little things that surprised him. Twigs, rocks, plastic ,seeds and leaves are a few things he discovered . Kids come up with unique observations ,like my son was not happy to see a piece of plastic .He said “Mom ,Plastic is not good for Earth “. He made me think that this could be great Earth day activity too.Above all , I am happy that he began to understand what dirt is made up of.
Simple Garden play at home

Do you have a curious child who loves to explore ? Then experience this Simple,fun activity and let me know what you think about it.
My post Explore Dirt is a part of a 30 Day Simple Play at Home series hosted by Adventures of Adam. Each day of the week a different blogger will be writing about simple play ideas that you can do with your kids in each room of the house for the entire month.

30 Day Simple Play Blog Hop

Earth day Craft : Sparkling Earth

Today my niece is here with us for a sleep over and whenever she comes over I plan for fun activities .
The day starts with a yummy kiddie breakfast, outdoor play with water sprinkler in the garden or indoor fun with board games ,Legos or art/craft.
We go for a outing too maybe a book store or a carnival . After a tired day of fun , we get into our PJ’s and read books.
My son and niece love Art and craft. They call themselves best artists in the world. Today is Earth Day, so we are making a Sparking Earth with lots of glitter and paints.
It is a planned art project with all the materials ready for them to use. Below are all the details of the
Earth day Craft : Sparkling Earth project.


Materials Required:
Black and white Poster/Construction Paper
Green,Blue and white paint
Glitter(gold or silver)
Star stickers

Using Scissors cut a cirlce out of white construction paper.
Now ask your child to sponge paint the white paper using green and blue paints to resemble the earth.(Dabbing paint is the trick.)
Add glitter over the wet paint.Let it sit to dry for some time.
Take a Black  Construction Paper and glue the earth in the center .
Decorate with star stickers to resemble the sky.
Note: If you have a older kid like my 9 yr old niece ,you can have them paint white stars.
What a lovely way to teach your children about Earth Day and showcase their art.What have you been doing this Earth Day ?Please leave your comments.