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My Trip to Shirdi Sai Baba Temple ,Pittsburgh



Hello all my Sai devotees , I visited Sai Temple in Pittsburgh ..the Ugadi weekend.It was a beautiful day and there are two things memorable about this trip.

Firstly, I am a proud mother because my 4 year old son did everything in the temple before me telling him anything , like the sastang namskar,touching holy feet of Baba and chanting Om Sai Ram. Constant Thursday bhajan and puja at home have helped Ashrith develop devotion and faith in SAI. I want to write more on this topic but not right now …just come back to read more on developing faith and devotion in kids …soon 🙂

A speciality of Baba Temple ,Pittsburgh  is the stick used by baba has been brought from Shirdi. This holy stick is being used to bless all devotees who visit the shrine.For more info on temple visit here
Secondly, I met an elderly lady in the temple, a huge Sai devotee, who shared her experiences about BABA  and  a Sai Baba temple in Coimbatore.
The Sri Naga Sai Temple in Coimbatore where SAI appeared as a shining and lustrous Cobra small in size but possessing an unusually big hoad with divine marks of Tripundra, Shanka and Chakra.
Another interesting thing she told me was about reading Sri Sai Satcharita (holy book).On completion of the book most of us distribute BABA books ,which she has also done couple of times but now she sends a cheque to India for orphan kids education especially for buying their school supplies. Next time you finish reading the book ,pls think about donating ,as Baba always said “Charity is ornament of hand and give charity as much as you can afford”









Had a Blissful weekend , spending time at Shirdi Sai Baba Temple ,Pittsburgh  and this trip made me come up with a equation below
Love Sai + Love Everyone=Get Loved by all.
Universal Sai Friends pls share your story ,experience and thoughts here as good thoughts always inspire us to follow ,SAI RAM !