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Rainbow Art & Crafts for Preschoolers/Kindergartens

This post contains Amazon affiliate links to Do-a-Dot Markers we used for one project below. If you purchase markers through these links, we may earn a small commission. This does not affect the price of the item for you. Thank you for supporting this blog!

Let’s  start with a positive feeling like Spring’s in the air! I mentioned it before,we are playing with colors and Colors remind me of the beautiful Rainbow …the blues, the greens, yellow, reds, purple. My son and I have worked on couple of  Rainbow projects we would like share here.

Rainbow Butterfly using dot markers

Three days back , while  Ashrith was using his dot markers , we got the idea of the Rainbow Butterfly . I drew outline of the butterfly using black marker  and he did the color dots.
I love Do A Dot Art Markers as they are super easy to use and quite mess free. Ashrith was adamant about not using puple color marker ..don’t know why ? The butterfly looks pretty colorful but how I wish he used the purple marker too.  I want him to explore his art in his own way  rather than expecting the results to be picture perfect.So, here is our beautiful colorful Rainbow butterfly minus purple! This project is good for both for preschoolers and Kindergartens.

Rainbow waters art for kids

Inspired by our beach towel …we came up with this colorful project called .. Rainbow Waters with Fishes. On a paper , using scale and pencil ,draw  vertical lines for different color water. Next add few fishes and plants .  We chose the crayon colors first , then  lined them, accordingly in a row, making it easy for him to color. Ashrith colored everything amazingly good …looks like a playful Rainbow underwater ocean ! I hope you will try this easy and simple project using basic supplies (paper, scale , pencil and crayons).

Rainbow Pinwheel craft for kids

 Another project  we made is the Rainbow Pinwheel using scraps of paper . Cut color paper triangles of unequal sizes. Now arrange the triangles in a circle to form a pin wheel and glue them. In the center , we used  a foam circle sticker .. to give dimension , if you don’t have foam stickers , you can always use a color paper. Ashrith was tired of gluing, so we drew a stick and colored it brown but you always use color paper for it too. Make and enjoy Rainbow Pinwheel .. the perfect decoration for Spring!

Note: Rainbow art and craft projects mentioned here are perfect for ages 4-6 with a little help from adults .Totally tried and tested on my 5yr old!

We had fun making Rainbow Art & Crafts for Preschoolers/Kindergartens.Do you have any Rainbow art/craft ideas for kids…then Pls do share. I would love to hear from you. We had tons of fun doing these Rainbow projects and looking forward to making more creative stuff. That’s all for now ! See ya soon with something interesting!
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Spring Season Activity :Simple Painting

My four year old son came back from Preschool ,so excited , shared everything he learnt about Spring.After a while,he asked me for a paper and some paints.I did’nt know what he was upto but after twenty mins he came back and suprised me with this lovely seasonal picture.When I asked him what his painting is all about ,he described the trees, flowers and birds chirping……….It’s Spring Mom….It’s Spring!
Through the painting , one thing is for sure ,he is listening to his teachers!!Yipee
Spring Season Activity :Simple Painting
Materials Required:
Sheet of Paper
Any Art Materials (crayons,paints,color pencils)
Talk to your child about a season and ask him/her to draw something seen in that season.
Like shown in the pic …SPRING is all about flowers, trees,birds etc.
Using any art materials ,kids can make a lovely seasonal picture.

I am posting this picture with a thought that it might help other parents to teach thier kids about seasons and encourage them to paint as well.Do you plan to do this seasonal painting with your child ,if you do so ,Pls comeback and share your experience .

Spring season activity : Foam Flowers

Today is the first day of spring ,this season always remind us of flowers. I have a easy art and craft activity for your child.If you have a toddler who is not allowed to use scissors or glue ,then this is a activity you will love.
Spring season activity : Foam Flowers

We are using my favorite self-adhesive Geometric foam stickers from Michaels store .The tub has wide variety of shape stickers and the colors are so eye catching , you’ll fall in love.

Spring season activity : Foam  Flowers

Materials Required:
Creatology Foam Stickers , Geometric Shapes (Michaels store)
White poster paper
Green marker


Draw several stems and leaves on a white paper using green marker.
Ask your child to peel the backing from the shapes and press them above the stems to make flowers. My four year old was just fine with it as Foam stickers are easy to peel and stick .
I made one on the yellow paper and then Ashrith made his own flowers on a white sheet of paper .
If you notice , I used triangles to make a bud and he used squares for flowers which is quite interesting way of using geometric shape foam stickers to make flowers .

Lessons Learnt:

Recogination and learning about shapes and colors.

Kids use Imagination and creativity to transform basic shapes into flowers.

Peeling stickers helps in improving  fine motor skills

Quick Tip : Older Kids : If your child is old enough to draw  ,he /she can draw the stems or use green foam stickers to make a stem pattern .   
Activity for Toddlers and Preschoolers : If you are working with toddlers , you can draw the outline of flower shapes too . The little ones pick the right sticker to match the shape outline . Thus,making it great activity to learn matching shapes.


Kids will be happy to call it their own art piece to display.

Valentine Cards for Preschool class

Easy Preschool Valentines day cards

These mini valentine heart cards were made by Ashrith , my 4 year old son,so they may not look perfect but are definitely cute. We used heart shape cookie cutter for stamping in the white poster paint and Ashrith enjoyed stamping hearts .We made 14 cards for his preschool friends and all look a little different but with 2 hearts to say that Valentine’s Day was made for Two.


Details to make  cute Valentine Cards for Preschool class  below

Materials Required:
White poster paint
Red and Pink color paper
Heart shape cookie cutter
Measuring Scale

Cut mini size cards out of red paper and stamp a heart.
Now stamps hearts on pink paper.
Cut and glue pink hearts on red hearts cards.
Note: This card is easy and simple for Kids to follow and they can make themselves but with a little assistance from parents. You can always do variations by adding glitter or stickers .

valentinescardspreschool   Ashrith dressed for School today ……… so excited to give cards to his friends .