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Indian Flag Craft : Patriotic Paper Mosaic

Indian Flag Craft: Patriotic Mosiac

  We are living an American dream but hoping to go back  to our country someday .Teaching my son about our homeland “India” gives me a pride.As a mother , I want him to learn about India , its culture and heritage. As we celebrate Republic day this Sunday 26th January …a easy craft to learn more about Indian Flag colors and its importance. A simple Indian Flag craft with Tricolor color paper suitable for all age kids.

Let’s see how we made awesome Indian Flag Craft : Patriotic Paper Mosaic
White paper
Tricolor(saffron, white, and dark green) paper squares
Blue squares


In advance cut a supply of tricolor paper into one inch squares or rectangles or hand torn pieces  of  paper .The choice is yours …it works both the ways, for my  5 yr old son ,I cut the paper using scissors into 1 inch pieces whereas my 9 year old niece preferred  hand torn pieces of paper.

Tricolor Paper mosaic

Tricolor Indian flag in making

 Glue paper squares to the flag in the order of Indian flag colors..i.e saffron, white, and dark green .

Indian flag craft for kids

Covers the whole flag with Patriotic color papers creating a Mosaic.

Indian Flag Mosaic

Patriotic paper mosaic of Indian flag

There’s no better way to celebrate Republic Day than a awesome time with your kids .Share your ideas and let me know how you like our Patriotic Mosaics.
Vijayi vishwa tiranga hamara
Jhanda uncha rahe hamara

Happy Republic day !!     Jai-Hind