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Preschool Project: Family Shamrock

Ashrith’s Preschool teacher send us a green 3 leaf clover in preparation of St.Patrick’s Day . She wanted us as a family to help our child to think of 3 reasons as to why they are ‘Lucky ” or “Blessed”. She asked us  to decorate the clover as we like.

Preschool Project: Family Shamrock
After talking to Ashrith we came up with these
3 blessings ….Family ,Food and Toys .

Materials Required:
Green paper 3 leaf clover
Foam frame
Magazine cutouts

Draw a family picture and if your child is not interested in drawing you can always use a family photo. We Used a foam frame to the picture.

Decorate the clover with child’s favorite toy pics .

Find various food pictures from magazines. Cut and Glue Magazine pictures when required.
We used few stickers too.

Lessons Learnt :
Counting blessings : I think doing this project as a family will help kids understand they’re luckier than most .
Improves Thinking skills : Make a list of pictures needed for this project. Kids carefully look through the magazine and find the perfect pictures . This activity makes them wear their thinking hats thus improving their thinking skills.
Develops Fine Motor skills : Little hands can develop fine motor skills by learning the proper way to use scissors and cut pictures from magazines.

I divided the project into portions , so my little one is not too tired . We managed to find the best pictures on day1 , on day 2 he drew the family picture and on  day 3 we  assembled everything .
Preschool Shamrock Craft project
How do u like our Preschool Project: Family Shamrock ? A project to create is an oppurtunity to spend quality time with your child.
As the teacher said …There is no wrong way to do this .The only requirement is lots of fun !

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