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Spring Activity : Dandelion Fun

What a beautiful weather outside, Ashrith and me were walking in the neighbourhood today ,oh my !he knows so much about spring season. We were looking at the green grass , enjoying the nature especially  flowers….the dandelions .I asked him, if he wants to blow the dandelions ?He said, ” I want to blow and make a wish” .He knows about the dandelions and wishes connection through a recent episode of Ni Hao Kai-Lan .

He took a dandelion in his hand and wished for biggest submarine …….I have no idea where did that come from ……………Little ones are the most innocent -cute people and I love that !

Spring Activity : Dandelion Fun

Note: Avoid this activity if you have any kind of pollen allergies and watch out for the bees too.

One of my  pledge to go green was get out of the house and enjoy a walk …….and that’s what we exactly  did ,Hooray!

Are you looking for outdoor fun activities ? Do come back and check as I am coming up with many fun activities soon.

Spring Season Activity :Simple Painting

My four year old son came back from Preschool ,so excited , shared everything he learnt about Spring.After a while,he asked me for a paper and some paints.I did’nt know what he was upto but after twenty mins he came back and suprised me with this lovely seasonal picture.When I asked him what his painting is all about ,he described the trees, flowers and birds chirping……….It’s Spring Mom….It’s Spring!
Through the painting , one thing is for sure ,he is listening to his teachers!!Yipee
Spring Season Activity :Simple Painting
Materials Required:
Sheet of Paper
Any Art Materials (crayons,paints,color pencils)
Talk to your child about a season and ask him/her to draw something seen in that season.
Like shown in the pic …SPRING is all about flowers, trees,birds etc.
Using any art materials ,kids can make a lovely seasonal picture.

I am posting this picture with a thought that it might help other parents to teach thier kids about seasons and encourage them to paint as well.Do you plan to do this seasonal painting with your child ,if you do so ,Pls comeback and share your experience .