Paper Towel Roll Craft: Crayons

A huge crayon is ready for kids pretend play and easy craft idea for kids ages 4+. There are lot of crafts you can make with paper towel rolls and use for pretend play. These handmade crayons can be used for any art related theme party decorations or Elmo theme birthday party.

My son pretends to be a pirate and loves to use the paper towel roll as a telescope to find the treasure. Pretend play encourages kids to use their imagination and also build their learning skills .

Another great way to teach kids reuse eveyday materials.Reduce:Reuse:Recycle…Go Green.

Materials needed:
          • Paper towel rolls
          • Color tissues
          • Poster board paper /cardstock (black and colors)
          • Glue
          • Scissors

          1. Wrap at least 2 or 3 layers of tissues around the paper towel roll and fold the extra tissue at the edges into the holes.
          2. Make a cone out cardstock.
          3. Now fix the cone on one edge of the paper towel roll i.e in the one of the holes.
          4. Cut long strips of black cardstock paper
          5. Glue them on top and bottom of the paper towel roll just to resemble a crayon.

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