Water Play Indoors: Reusing old baby bath tub


Water Play is so important for young children that it shouldn’t be available only outdoors in warm weather. Indoor water play can go on all year long!

What if u don’t have one of those expensive sand and water tables , you can use something you already have in home like a old baby bath tub or a 16 gallon plastic storage box .

Kids of all ages love to play with water, and of course have to be supervised, but you’d be surprised how long little water and few toys will provide entertainment.

I have a baby bath tub which I use as a water pond for my 3 year old.We make paper boats to float in the water or just play with bath toys like ducks and other animals.

Water play provides opportunities for imaginative play and at the same time, they use their minds as they explore why certain objects sink in water and others float. Children learn concepts such as empty/full, before/after, shallow/deep etc.

Caution Note: Water table or baby bath tub or plastic box anything used for water play must be cleaned regularly to prevent germs that can grow in warm, wet places. Always let items air dry before allowing children to play with them . Stay close to children when they are playing around water.Watch carefully for safe and successful play. Source for more information regarding water safety here.

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