Super Bowl Decorations : Ravens Centerpiece


My 8 year old niece Sharanya was joining us for the Super Bowl party and helping me with the decorations .She is a smart, creative kid with lots of ideas flowing .She drew all the Raven logos on paper rolls and colored them .Most of the center piece was done by her, of course with a little help from me.

Materials Required :

Popcorn tub
Packaging material
Paper towel roll and toilet paper rolls
Decorative bows
Favorite Team logo and stickers
Poster paper /Tissue paper
Disposable paper cups
Wrap poster paper or tissue paper around the tub.
Glue team’s logo and fill the tub with packaging
Decorate with markers the rolls and top them with decorative bows.
Place the paper towel roll in center of the tub.
Now place the toilet paper rolls on inverted paper cups.
Note: I have put packing materials in the tub for decorative purpose but you can always use it for putting drinks, serving chips or any kind of food.
The Ravens logo we used in the center of the tub was cut from a paper plate we bought at Party City.

superbowlparty Decorating for the Game night was a great family activity  .. had loads of fun


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