Earth day Craft : Sparkling Earth

Today my niece is here with us for a sleep over and whenever she comes over I plan for fun activities .
The day starts with a yummy kiddie breakfast, outdoor play with water sprinkler in the garden or indoor fun with board games ,Legos or art/craft.
We go for a outing too maybe a book store or a carnival . After a tired day of fun , we get into our PJ’s and read books.
My son and niece love Art and craft. They call themselves best artists in the world. Today is Earth Day, so we are making a Sparking Earth with lots of glitter and paints.
It is a planned art project with all the materials ready for them to use. Below are all the details of the
Earth day Craft : Sparkling Earth project.


Materials Required:
Black and white Poster/Construction Paper
Green,Blue and white paint
Glitter(gold or silver)
Star stickers

Using Scissors cut a cirlce out of white construction paper.
Now ask your child to sponge paint the white paper using green and blue paints to resemble the earth.(Dabbing paint is the trick.)
Add glitter over the wet paint.Let it sit to dry for some time.
Take a Black  Construction Paper and glue the earth in the center .
Decorate with star stickers to resemble the sky.
Note: If you have a older kid like my 9 yr old niece ,you can have them paint white stars.
What a lovely way to teach your children about Earth Day and showcase their art.What have you been doing this Earth Day ?Please leave your comments.

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