My First Vegetable Carving : Tomato Flower


We are so caught up in our household duties ,sometimes we don’t get the time and mood to fulfill our hobbies. When I took this lovely hybrid Roma tomato in hand , I wanted to carve something …it was shouting out a flower .I always loved carving but didn’t get chance to try it ,also made me think I don’t want to waste food .Last week , I was very happy carving the tomato and enjoying its beauty , used the same tomato in my sambhar to enjoy its taste. So , thumbs up for double bonus.
This is my first vegetable carving .It isn’t very good but I thoroughly enjoyed carving it.tomatobottlegourd

Materials needed:
Hybrid tomato
Sharp knife
Soorakaya /bottle gourd head stem
Instructions :
Using knife make silts on four sides of the tomato
Now pull each silt a little down to resemble petals of flower
Make a little hole under the tomato .
Save the bottle gourd head to use like a stand or stem for the flower.

Note:Like many of you while chopping vegetables like Bottle gourd, Eggplant ,Carrots I put all my vegetables scraps in a bowl and later throw everything into garbage . When I was not able to balance my tomato , the Bottle gourd stem in the scraps …was like finding treasure in the trash.Worked perfect like a stand.

tomatocarvingI always love to try new things ,experiment and make mistakes.Have you been longing to do something or did you try to do any thing new ? Pls leave your comments and ideas.

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