Preschool Teacher Appreciation Door Banner

I can’t believe this is the last week of Ashrith’s Preschool and next year he will be going to Kindergarten.He had wonderful experience at Preschool and his teachers are the most loving , caring ,with great sense of humor and a huge heart.
This handmade banner is simple, easy to make and can instantly put a smile on teacher‘s face.
Materials Required:
White Poster Board Paper (bought at Dollar store)
Neon Letters Pads ( ArtSkills brand bought at Rite-aid)
Foam Letters ( Creatology dotted letters stickers bought at Michaels)
Blue Construction Paper (bought at Dollar store)
Black Marker

Choose Neon letters “THANKS  “ and place them on the white paper  using repositionable” Peel and Stick” back. Once satisfied with the position, use glue stick on the entire back surface to make permanent. Press and smooth. These letters are 4” and easy to read.
Use marker to write the rest of the sentence.
Use foam stickers for teacher’s names.
Make fishes out of blue poster paper and glue them to second white poster board.
Write kids names on the fishes using black marker.

Note:  Names of teachers and students have been obscrued due to security reasons. Ashrith’s Preschool class is called Blue fish class ,so used blue fishes and ship to decorate. You can choose any theme for the door banner.

We went in early ,before teachers arrived so we could surprise them .This is a one of our parting gift to the teachers and of course gift cards 🙂


Thank you! Teachers for helping Ashrith and his friends swim through.

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