Identifying Numbers : Activity #2 with cookie cutters , Counting Stamp Match Activity

Fun Number Learning Activity

An activity to teach your little ones numbers with lots of fun

Identifying Numbers : Activity #2 with cookie cutters

Materials Required:
Paper strips
Cookie cutter
Ink pad

Make several strips using paper.
Label each strip with a number
Kid chooses a strip and identifies the number.
Then he presses a cookie cutter on an ink pad and makes the appropriate number of prints on the strip.




Lessons Learnt :

Identifying Numbers – Learning to count and match the number .

Learning Shapes -We used basic shapes cookie cutters  and this  became a  bonus activity where toddlers and preschoolers  can  learn  shapes too.

Fine Motor Skills – Learning to stamp with cookie cutters helps in developing fine motor skills for toddlers and preschoolers . It is also fun way to help your child develop the kindergarten readiness fine motor skills .

How do you like our identifying numbers activity ? Pls leave your comments and suggestions below .

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