Sai Bhajan at my Sister’s place

Last Thursday, we had Sai Bhajan at my sister’s house. My first Sai bhajan with Harrisburg Sai Bhajan group .It was wonderful to meet everyone and sing Sai Bhajans. I shared some  bhajans we regularly sing in the Baltimore group and learnt some new bhajans from them.Ayyappa Season is in full swing so we sang  Saranalu and Ayyappa songs too.
Sai Bhajan Puja        Fresh flowers garland for Sai , Decorated with lights and diyas !

Baba Bhajan Prasadam               Prasadam: Pulihora,Halwa, Upma and Chana.

Pasupu bottu Favor boxes Pasupu Bottu Ziploc boxes Labeled “OM SAI RAM “ on lid of each box made them even more special.

Each Devotee has a different way of expressing his love for Sai .What we need to remember is although Mhalsapathy was very poor, the All-Compassionate Baba embraced him and even saved his family too.SO, no need for the mastery of logic to realize the Divine Master.

Baba says ..”If you seek my Advice and help,it shall be given to you at once.”

Om Sri Sainathaya Namah!

Happy Thursday !!

6 thoughts on “Sai Bhajan at my Sister’s place”

  1. Dear Aparna,
    i am in awe of your writing skills – i look forward to your posts and ideas and thoughts. hope family is doing well. any plans of visiting india – then pls do visit us @delhi. love to you all. om sai ram!!!

  2. Hi Aparna,

    Happy to hear that you made one Sai Bhajan group. Keep posting every week bhajan photos…..

    Thanks for sharing your ideas & thoughts….


    1. Hi Vanitha,
      I would love to share Baba pics stories and miracles but have to take their Permission to post them Online…bcos its personal . Lets hope everyone shares their pics and experiences.
      Sai Ram!

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