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 This is… kind of new thing I started writing and sharing with you. Hope you find it interesting.
Currently Watching…
Watching Bhoot aaya on Sony ,not that I don’t get scared, I do ,but I like to watch horror movies. Bhoot aaye is a series of horror stories based on real life incidents. Like in the last week’s episode, a girl, visiting an abandoned forest finds an antique necklace and wears it . The consequence….since then she is haunted by a bhoot ( ghost) and suffers a lot .So , don’t pick anything that’s not yours . The lesson we learnt. What are you watching …comment below

Currently Excited About…
TreadMill …yes …anxiously waiting for our new treadmill …We are expecting it to arrive on Wednesday .Looking forward to a serious work out. Let’s see. Fingers crossed!
Currently my To-Do List…
Get a little more organized specially my daily schedule .I miss out on one Task or the other. Recently, I read somewhere …. Women take up more tasks than possibly can  be done.. in a day . This makes us more stressful for not completing chores as planned. I guess…. its right in my case .Hope reducing tasks per day will help. So, all my women readers, stay more focused without over-wiring yourself.
Currently Drinking…
Garam Chai …..ya …with Elachi ( Cardamom) and Alam (Ginger).Nothing like indulging in a hot cup of tea on a snowy day . I am coffee person too …not disappoint my coffee fans .

Currently working …
On my son’s school stuff …remember the Valentine cards and goody bags. I said it’s …a surprise …Ya will be posting soon about it .So, stay in tune!

What is currently going on with you ? Pls do comment and share your current favorites.



7 thoughts on “Currently …”

  1. Currently watching….What am I doing? Watching a CNN…. Sochi Olympic Winter Games. Always lovely to see the athletes after they win their medals as they talk about how hard they have been working to achieve their dreams.
    Excited about- my trip back to India during Easter.
    My to do list…. It never ends.. Mums always have a list of chores that just never finishes, priority looking after my 4 month old.
    Drinking… Coffee Aparna! It’s a cup of coffee that sees me through my day.
    Currently working on working out to loose all baby flab that I have put on. :-))

    1. Firstly ,Thanks for reading and telling me about ur currently. I know , everybody is talking abt Olympics …really inspiring.Take good care of baby and good luck with your workout.we can discuss more on weight loss in our next currently.Definitely we r coffee lovers!love to the baby!

  2. Not watching anything really, I have found that I am not into TV or movies anymore.
    Excited… more like scared about the upcoming delivery :-/ Nothing seems to be there on my mind these days lol!
    I have cleared my to-do list, deleted anything iw anted to do… I am just in waiting mode.
    Drinking tea…and that occasional cold cola 😀 I need the 1st and I am addicted to the 2nd 😉

    Oh well, there you go- I hope you have fab week ahead 🙂

    1. Hello Veena , listening to you , I am nostalgic ….
      you are drinking coke …lucky …my hubby was like a spy… always a eye on me … no coke in pregnancy 🙁
      when is your due date ? Hope you have a safe delivery .God bless you.

  3. Currently…

    In Westlake Village, California, USA. In office, waiting for the day to come to and so that I can go around visiting the places.

    1. If you get time ….must see Las Vegas, Grand canyon(my personal favorites). And then you can visit LA, Yellow stone national park, hoover dam etc . What ever suits u .Have fun !

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