Recap Valentine’s Day 2013 & Preschool Gift ideas

ValentinesDay celebrations2013

 Last year , I didn’t get to share these valentine moments with you. Here’s what we did !I sent personalised photo cards for teachers , ordered them online .They look great and teachers loved the card .His class teacher said ” Thank you so much for the AWESOME card ! I feel so blessed to have wonderful parents such as yourself that help to make my job a pleasure.” 
So very happy  they liked it and If you want to Order go here

The wonderful heart decorations (table cloth and hearts banner) were bought at the Target store.
First time,trying a Cookie Cake( Walmart) ,it looked awesome but the black icing …..Na …I don’t like it .I scraped out all the icing . There is beautiful pink necklace on the cake …that went into Ashrith’s Dress up Box. The lovely, colorful lollipops went into my box of cake toppers. Ashrith’s dressed in Red Heart Throb t-shirt from Gap store. He is seen dancing and enjoying the cookie cake especially the red icing !!
Easy Preschool Valentine's Day Cards
We gave his Preschool friends two gifts one is a handmade card …..for details how to make it go here.

Preschool Valentines gift

The second gift r these heart bubble bottle tubes . I ordered them online but I guess you may even find them at Walmart and Party city.
If you want to order go here
Note: The stores mentioned are just to help you find similar stuff.

Weather is so good today …feels like Spring is on its way .We are ready for the big game and the commercials…(especially funny ones)
By the way this year ,we are sending store bought cards but we have special gifts for the kids. Can’t tell much details ..still working on it , Come back to see what are the surprise gifts ? Stay in tune to see Ashrith’s project too.
That’s all for now ! Cheeeeeeerioooooo

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    1. Thank you Veena …I am glad you noticed my son. Here in United States Schools, there is tradition of sending cards for classmates and teachers on Valentines. Everyone does it and I love the idea. It teaches kids to love and be friendly in school.

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