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Gift Idea for five year old girl

I was thinking what to get for my niece Sharanya ( 5 yrs) as rakhi gift .

She loves cartoon characters hello kitty ,tinker bell, my little pony ,strawberry shortcake etc So, I decided to shop for various little things she would love.

I bought ……
• T-shirt, tank top, socks – Gap
• Sun glasses- Disney Tinker bell
• Compact mirror- Strawberry Shortcake
• Stickers- My little Pony , Disney princess , Hello kitty
• Note pad – Hello kitty

Next step was to pack them in such a way that makes everything look extra special. I knew I had a shoebox that was colorful and pretty and matched with character colors.

Here’s the lid to the box I made for my niece. To cover the logo on the box and the price sticker on sides of the box ,I took a printout of hello kitty and pasted it on the lid of the box and added some heart stickers .

Materials Required:
• Shoe-Box (colorful one saves time)
• Printout of any favorite character (Hello kitty)
• Heart stickers (any shape will do )
• Glue
• Scissors
• Tissue
• Regular scotch tape
• Little gifts

I had lots of fun packing all these gifts and my niece just loved the box.
Why buy GiftBoxes when you can decorate and reuse your shoeboxes.One of the few ways to reuse your Shoeboxes.
Reduce:Reuse:Recycle…..Go Green

Moving Boxes : Reuse & Recycle

Moving Boxes : Reuse & Recycle

Kids + Boxes = Non Stop Fun

Moving , unpacking, boxes everywhere was stressful but seeing my son playing brings a smile on my face.

Ashrith ,my son 17mnths was thrilled to play in the box. Joined him in the box is his cousin Sharanya ( 5yrs ).Both were happily playing in the box while we unpack most of the stuff.

Boxes can be so much fun for all ages .

Note: With every reuse of a box, a new one is prevented from entering the cycle. If the boxes are worn out and not in condition to reuse ,please don’t forget to drop them in the recycling bins .

Dress up as Nursery Rhyme Character

Dress as Nursery RhymeSaakshi looking cute & enjoying being a star
A phone conversation with my friend Swapna ……………….

Swapna : “ Hi Aparna , my daughter saakshi needs to dress up like a Nursery Rhyme character for School
Any ideas ??? “

Aparna: “Spontaneously I said TWINKLE TWINKLE LITTLE STAR would be perfect as its quick and easy to dress up .you can even do Mary had a little lamb or Little Bo peep but need to work a lot on the costumes .”

Swapna: “- With two kids around & errands to run ,I would prefer TWINKLE TWINKLE LITTLE STAR “
We both discussed on how to dress her like a star .Firstly to make a star out of cardboard box and wrap with silver paper and then star accessories .

Dress as Twinkle StarMaterials needed ( cardboard box missing in pic)
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Costume
                                                                                      Shiny star costume ready to wear

Thank you Swapna for sending me the pics , I must say you did a fabulous job