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How to make Chalkboard Stepping Stones

As the weather gets better , my son loves to play outside .One of his favorite pastime is sidewalk chalk .He enjoys to write , draw and scribble using color chalks. This inspired me to make our Chalkboard stepping stones. They make a great statement in the garden and encourage in writing interesting thoughts.

Chalkboard stepping stones materials

Materials Needed :
Terracotta plant Saucers ( 10 inch )get outside
Chalkboard paint
Outdoor/Patio Paint
Paint Brushes
How to make Chalkboard Stepping Stones
How to make Chalkboard Stepping Stones
Instructions :
First step is to Paint the Saucers using outdoor friendly paints .It is a simple project , kids can work with a little help. My seven year old was able paint the saucers all by himself and he gave 2 layers of paint for each saucer with one hour interval.It kept him occupied for couple of hours.

Do it yourself Chalkboard Stepping stones
Later, We painted the inner circle of the saucer using chalkboard paint leaving nice color border.
Once all the paint is dry , we can add personalized message using chalk .
Tips and Tricks : Before you place the saucers in the garden , pack them nicely with soil underneath , so its heavy and strong.
Terracotta plant saucers are easily available in craft stores or any garden stores. Its surface is smooth and easy to work with chalkboard paint .
Lessons Learnt : Let’s see what Kids learn working on this project .
Choosing colors – My son chose his favorite colors to paint ( red , orange and yellow ).
Personalized message : Thinking of something creative to write and draw on stepping stones
Decorating the garden and spending more time outdoors .
Easy DIY Chalboard stepping stones
Decorate the garden with these easy DIY chalkboard stepping stones.

I’m joining in with my friend, blogger the lovely LarabeeUK‘s fantastic Kids in the Garden Blog Hop with 13 other bloggers. There is also a linky if you would like to share your own Kids in the Garden posts.


Sai Bhajan at my Sister’s place

Last Thursday, we had Sai Bhajan at my sister’s house. My first Sai bhajan with Harrisburg Sai Bhajan group .It was wonderful to meet everyone and sing Sai Bhajans. I shared some  bhajans we regularly sing in the Baltimore group and learnt some new bhajans from them.Ayyappa Season is in full swing so we sang  Saranalu and Ayyappa songs too.
Sai Bhajan Puja        Fresh flowers garland for Sai , Decorated with lights and diyas !
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My First Vegetable Carving : Tomato Flower


We are so caught up in our household duties ,sometimes we don’t get the time and mood to fulfill our hobbies. When I took this lovely hybrid Roma tomato in hand , I wanted to carve something …it was shouting out a flower .I always loved carving but didn’t get chance to try it ,also made me think I don’t want to waste food .Last week , I was very happy carving the tomato and enjoying its beauty , used the same tomato in my sambhar to enjoy its taste. So , thumbs up for double bonus.
This is my first vegetable carving .It isn’t very good but I thoroughly enjoyed carving it.tomatobottlegourd

Materials needed:
Hybrid tomato
Sharp knife
Soorakaya /bottle gourd head stem
Instructions :
Using knife make silts on four sides of the tomato
Now pull each silt a little down to resemble petals of flower
Make a little hole under the tomato .
Save the bottle gourd head to use like a stand or stem for the flower.

Note:Like many of you while chopping vegetables like Bottle gourd, Eggplant ,Carrots I put all my vegetables scraps in a bowl and later throw everything into garbage . When I was not able to balance my tomato , the Bottle gourd stem in the scraps …was like finding treasure in the trash.Worked perfect like a stand.

tomatocarvingI always love to try new things ,experiment and make mistakes.Have you been longing to do something or did you try to do any thing new ? Pls leave your comments and ideas.

Maha Shivratri Puja Celebrations 2013


This year we celebrated Maha Shivratri Puja at my sister’s house .My brother -in- law, a huge devotee of LORD SHIVA played the role of a pujari and helped us perform puja with all rituals.I hope you enjoy the pictures and darshan of lord shiva as much as I enjoyed performing the puja.

shivarathripuja                                                                    All set for Abhishekam.

abhishekwithmilk abhishekwithwater

                                                        Abhishekam with Milk and Water.

                     Lingam decorated with flowers while chanting 108 Shiva naamavali .

Om Namah Shivaya !

Super Bowl Decorations : Ravens Centerpiece


My 8 year old niece Sharanya was joining us for the Super Bowl party and helping me with the decorations .She is a smart, creative kid with lots of ideas flowing .She drew all the Raven logos on paper rolls and colored them .Most of the center piece was done by her, of course with a little help from me.

Materials Required :

Popcorn tub
Packaging material
Paper towel roll and toilet paper rolls
Decorative bows
Favorite Team logo and stickers
Poster paper /Tissue paper
Disposable paper cups
Wrap poster paper or tissue paper around the tub.
Glue team’s logo and fill the tub with packaging
Decorate with markers the rolls and top them with decorative bows.
Place the paper towel roll in center of the tub.
Now place the toilet paper rolls on inverted paper cups.
Note: I have put packing materials in the tub for decorative purpose but you can always use it for putting drinks, serving chips or any kind of food.
The Ravens logo we used in the center of the tub was cut from a paper plate we bought at Party City.

superbowlparty Decorating for the Game night was a great family activity  .. had loads of fun


Super Bowl Party Decorations & food

superbowldecorationravens                                          Purple Pride all day long !!

We are having a Super Bowl party and it is  gonna be a great game with brother against brother -Harbaugh superbowl, which should be interesting.
As I start writing this post  BAL is 14  and SF is  3 , so hoping our favorite team Ravens wins . Carrying the Purple pride ,we had all the decorations in purple ,black and white .
Our party food was  famous Indian appetizers Mirchi Bajji and Pani Puri , Pizza and Cup cakes .Everything is ready… , drink and enjoy the game !!!!!!!!!

superbowlpizza ravenscupcakes
superbowlindianfood superbowlappetizers

Super Bowl Decorations: Go Ravens! Garland banner



Our Family is a huge Ravens fan and we hope Ravens win the Super Bowl this Sunday.We live in the Steelers country so didn’t find many Ravens decorations in store therefore planned to make something special myself.While going through one of Parenting magazines I came across this wonderful garland making with disposable paper cups,it was beautiful and easy .


Materials Required:
Party paper disposable cups
Construction /poster paper
Craft Knife
LED lights
Insructions :
Cut out letters that spell “Go Ravens” .
Glue a letter to the front of each cup.
Using a Craft Knife, cut an X in the center of each cup bottom .
Push one light in to the bottom of each cup and hang .

I have used purple cups for Ravens team but you can cut apart a cup so it lies flat to create a template.Trace it on to decorative paper,adding an extra
1/2 inch on one end, and cut out shapes.Place a strip of double-sided tape on one end of the paper. Wrap around each cup and attach with tape.
This gives a cup patterned look instead of just one plain color.

Caution Note : LED lights are safe for small children and wont get hot.I have used the regular lights bcos it was meant for decoration purpose only and didnt intend to switch the lights for a long time .We plan to switch on the lights everytime Ravens make a Touch down !!


Prayer for 20 little innocent kids and others shot dead at school in Connecticut

Pray for light in the darkness

Yesterday we all heard about the  shootings at a elementary school in Connecticut . As a mother ,I know how hard it is to hear such a news and it should never ever happen to anybody. My heartaches and tears don’t stop flowing at the senseless loss of innocent lives.

At times,I feel what kind of a world do we live in ….Things seem so dark and hopeless when we hear news like this . Sin,grief and ignorance are like darkness.Pray for the light in the darkness.There is goodness and humanity on this earth.We see it everyday in our “children” -the images of God . Hats off to the Teachers who protected the children like super-heros. I trust in god’s healing grace which covers us in times of grief. The divine shield of baba will provide light ,both within and around and help us lead a peaceful,secure and happy life. Let us invite Sainaath ,the bestowed of supreme Peace into our hearts and ask him  to save us from the brokeness.

Please join me in praying  for those families and the departed souls(especially in our thursday bhajan). Let us come together in these challenging moments and remember that we are so blessed.Hold your children tightly tonight and tuck them to bed.They are our precious gifts!!

Please feel free to comment on this horrible event.

Om Asato Maa Sad-Gamaya |

 Tamaso Maa Jyotir-Gamaya |

Mrtyor-Maa Amrtam Gamaya |

 Om Shaanti Shaanti Shaanti he ||