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Cleaning Silver Puja items

For years my mom had struggled cleaning silver items , finally we got our solution while shopping in a silver store .The storekeeper recommended us to use Colgate Toothpowder . We tried it and since then cleaning silver items has been so easy .
Friends always ask me if my puja diyas are new ,
Absolutely ….No …No ,
I clean them regularly with toothpowder .
For Cleaning silver puja items we need
#Colgate Tooth powder
#New clean toothbrush


  • Always clean the oil residues or any haldi, kumkum marks on silver items
  • Scrubbing can be done with dry colgate powder itself or by mixing a little water . It works either ways .
  • Scrub the silverware either using your fingertips or use a tooth brush. Well, I usually use fingertips for most of the cleaning except for those hard to reach areas .Toothbrush really helps in cleaning tiny gaps.

Colgate Tooth Powder is available in Indian Grocery stores .
How do you clean your silverware ? Do try this method of cleaning and leave your comment