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Mommy and Child Doodles ( Week #3)

Mommy and child doodles

I started the doodle series for two reasons, the first to challenge the arty person in me , who really loves art and brushes but never gets time to use them.This series is giving me a chance to renew my passion and get back to Art . It’s like going back to basics. The second reason is to spend quality time with my son at the art table since he loves to draw and paint just like me.

For today’s mommy and child doodles we got inspiration from flowers blooming everywhere. This time we did not use any pencil and chose to paint directly.

Mommy Doodles : A simple Red Rose painting
Mommy Doodles: Red Rose painting

Kids love to draw what they see in their surroundings. Spring is definitely inspiring!
Child Doodles : In Ashrith’s words .. a Super Spring Day painting .
Child Doodles:  Super Spring painting

The weather is beautiful and we are having awesome outdoor fun. Playground ,long walks at the park, swimming pool and what not . What are you up to ? Please feel free to comment and share ! Stay in tune for Fun projects coming up for kids .

Mommy and Child Doodles ( Week#1)

Mommy and child doodles

We are ready with our first Mommy and Child Doodles series.You not only get to see my son’s art but also my art..i.e a double bonus. This is a kind of challenge I gave myself . Why ? I mentioned before , I am renewing my passion for art and finding my way back to drawing and painting. Now , after so many years , I tried making a pattern with oil pastels. I remember, the first time, I used oil pastels were when my dad brought them from Dubai in 80’s, I was instantly in love with them. Oil pastels are similar to crayons …so made me confident and comfortable to color.
Oil Pastel pattern                                                  Mommy Doodles!
I know,it is a simple art pattern but right now I am not that confident and prefer taking baby steps. Let’s see where this leads me to !

Spring drawing                                        Child Doodles!
What can I say…as a mother, I am so proud of my son’s thoughts and creativity. Lately, he is been doodling a lot on white board and showcasing today is his Spring drawing. He made this for me …yep …I am the lucky one receiving flowers from my son Ashrith . He has magnet letters ..M on me and A for himself. I love my dress, it has flowers too! So..Sweet!

I love the idea of sharing my art as well as rediscovering the Arty person in me.It’s the best feeling to do something you always wanted to do. I am looking forward to experiment with different art materials in future. So, stay in tune to see my art creations! What do you think about my art ? I’d love to hear what you think ? Pls leave your valuable comments below.
That’s all for now ! See ya real soon !

Happy Valentine’s Day 2014 with some Fun food

Wishing all my Readers and Friends… a Happy Valentine’s Day !
I know many people don’t like valentine’s day …due to whatever reason…especially in my Homeland India …a wrong notion of Valentine’s day ..( kind of lovers thing …spoilt youth ..totally western culture….blah..blah ) .My message to people who think like that….pls … it not just about lovers or about people in love but it is about celebrating LOVE ….purely Love. A love…. that can be for anybody !
Love for your friend, dog, neighbor , teacher, family. Cutting the cake and blowing candles is western stuff but we still do it for the joy of our kid. When we have adopted so much western stuff , even things that are not good for us . Then why not Valentine’s day ….the day to celebrate love .
Valentine  Indian fun food
Only on special days , I try making some Fun Food. I made Tomato Upma(Semolina ) Breakfast for my hubby in the shape of heart. Upma heart is made using a cookie cutter bought at Target store, in the Dollar spot …ya just a dollar. I love these cookie cutter and have a collection of them .Next time you are Target , do check them out. I made my son Ashrith a Double decker Heart sandwich with one layer of nutella and one layer strawberry jam but no pic 🙁 …he was excited of course in hurry to eat it . He said” Mom,this so Good !” I am totally bowled with the expression on his face .
These are all my opnions and don’t mean offend anyone. I believe in the saying ” To love and be loved is the great happiness of existence.” – by Sydney Smith
What are your plan for Valentine’s Day ? Stay in tune for another Random Act of Kindness Day .See ya soon.

Rangoli , diwali , sankranti , indian festivals , rangoli using stencils, muggu , celebrating indian festivals, Sankranti festival , pongal

Happy Sankranthi/ Pongal 2014

“Sankranthi/Pongal Wishes to all my Friends and Readers.”
I have fond memories of making huge Rangolis/Muggus early in the morning with my sister and cousins. Ha ..Ha…I remember the fun part was Competing and Comparing with neighbour’s Rangoli designs. How I wish , I could make such Rangolis now but my bad…the weather in east coast( United States) …no chance.

Pongal wishes and Rangoli 2014Happy Sankranthi/ Pongal 2014
It’s cold with freezing rain outside…making a rangoli outside not a good idea.I came up with this awesome trick of making rangoli on my old side table. It’s not a fancy rangoli design but just a simple flower design .It is made using rice flour, turmeric ,kumkum and some glitter. I used  Rangoli Stencil for “Happy Pongal “letters.Have you ever tried these Rangoli Stencils?

Rangoli stencils

They are mostly sold outside temples and pilgrim places in  India and cost around 30 Rs each.They come in various designs and sizes. You can create your own patterns and rangoli using  stencils. Next time when you go to a temple ,just look around and do buy them bcos they are very easy to use and clean .My 9 year old niece loves to make designs with these  stencils so …Kids can have fun making Rangolis too. This can be called their first rangoli learning tool. If you outside India you can buy them on

I would love to share my rangoli designs with you but it will take some time to get  my old photo albums from India.How do you like the newer trend in Rangolis using Stencils? How have you been celebrating Sankranthi ?

Please send in your views and thoughts about the Festival and its traditions. Love to hear!!!

Handmade Baby Shower Rattle Card

World Card Making Day is on 5th October, So as promised sharing a card with you this week. I made this card for my close friend’s Baby Shower in a hurry . Making cards doesn’t take a lot of time ,if you have all the materials in hand but definitely requires creativity .It is for a baby girl ,so tried to  incorporate as many shades of pink as possible. I worked with different textures in this card .
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My First Vegetable Carving : Tomato Flower


We are so caught up in our household duties ,sometimes we don’t get the time and mood to fulfill our hobbies. When I took this lovely hybrid Roma tomato in hand , I wanted to carve something …it was shouting out a flower .I always loved carving but didn’t get chance to try it ,also made me think I don’t want to waste food .Last week , I was very happy carving the tomato and enjoying its beauty , used the same tomato in my sambhar to enjoy its taste. So , thumbs up for double bonus.
This is my first vegetable carving .It isn’t very good but I thoroughly enjoyed carving it.tomatobottlegourd

Materials needed:
Hybrid tomato
Sharp knife
Soorakaya /bottle gourd head stem
Instructions :
Using knife make silts on four sides of the tomato
Now pull each silt a little down to resemble petals of flower
Make a little hole under the tomato .
Save the bottle gourd head to use like a stand or stem for the flower.

Note:Like many of you while chopping vegetables like Bottle gourd, Eggplant ,Carrots I put all my vegetables scraps in a bowl and later throw everything into garbage . When I was not able to balance my tomato , the Bottle gourd stem in the scraps …was like finding treasure in the trash.Worked perfect like a stand.

tomatocarvingI always love to try new things ,experiment and make mistakes.Have you been longing to do something or did you try to do any thing new ? Pls leave your comments and ideas.

Easter crafts : Bunny Egg stand

Bunny Egg stands are easy to make and can be displayed anywhere to add that extra Easter effect.Make different animal stands like a lamb, duck and arrange them as a centerpiece on a table .

Materials Required:
Toilet paper rolls
Construction paper in easter colors
Googly eyes
Foam Stickers
Pom poms
Craft Knife

Cut the toilet paper roll into two halves.
Wrap each half roll with color paper.
Glue two googly eyes and then pom pom in the center like nose .
Use two different color drop shape foam stickers to make ears.
Using marker draw whiskers.

Super Bowl Party Decorations & food

superbowldecorationravens                                          Purple Pride all day long !!

We are having a Super Bowl party and it is  gonna be a great game with brother against brother -Harbaugh superbowl, which should be interesting.
As I start writing this post  BAL is 14  and SF is  3 , so hoping our favorite team Ravens wins . Carrying the Purple pride ,we had all the decorations in purple ,black and white .
Our party food was  famous Indian appetizers Mirchi Bajji and Pani Puri , Pizza and Cup cakes .Everything is ready… , drink and enjoy the game !!!!!!!!!

superbowlpizza ravenscupcakes
superbowlindianfood superbowlappetizers