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Double Celebration: Holi and Women’s Day

Dear Friends and Readers, Happy Holi and Women’s Day !!

Holika Dahan at Greater Baltimore Temple     Having Fun with Colors

Holi Celebrations 2012@ Greater Baltimore Temple
What a crowd..more than a 100 people , we didn’t expect ,it was surprise for us. We were late so missed the Aarti but attended the Holika dahan .Temple organised color packets for a nominal fee.
Kids were having amazing fun with colors and why not? The weather was so perfect for some outdoor fun.
Happy holi to everybody,may these holi add new colors to everybody’s life.

International Women’s Day
Today, March 8th is celebrated as Women’s Day all over the world, there’s always a debate as to what is the importance of this day or why we celebrate it .Some celebrate it on big scale with get together, some ignore and others have no clue as to what the day is.
Most of us….the modern educated women celebrate Women’s Day because it makes us feel special.
In my books, It has a message more than just feeling SPECIAL …………………
Wherever women are honored, there is prosperity and happiness. Let’s us be a strength, help& encourage others and spread the message of joy and peace.

A Woman I admire the most …….Mother Teresa ,
She quotes   “What I do you cannot do; but what you do, I cannot do. The needs are great, and none of us, including me, ever do great things. But we can all do small things, with great love, and together we can do something wonderful.”

Please share your thoughts on Women’s day and also mention your Holi celebrations .

Baltimore Grand Prix 2011

Race Starts….

Aerial view

It was a exciting day of SPEED and lots of fun .
If you live in or around baltimore, don’t miss this thrilling experience .
Tomorrow i.e 4th september is the last day of grand prix ,so all you racing fans this your last chance for a super racing sunday .
Caution Note : Don’t forget EAR PLUGS bcos some cars are too loud,especially if you’re taking the kids to the race.

Hurricane Irene in my backyard

Video of Hurricane Irene’s impact in Cockeysville , Maryland

This is my first experience with a hurricane. Something new .

Captured heavy gusty winds early this morning @ 6.07 am

Watch the video & you can feel the winds blowing at 60-80 mph

I hope hurricane did not cause too much of loss and damage .

Prayers going out to all affected by hurricane Irene .