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Super Bowl Crafts: Paper Cheer flag

Kids Craft for SuperBowl

Super Bowl Sunday is just days away! Our favorite team Ravens in the game ….so super excited .
I wanted to make something crafty with Ashrith especially to cheer for Ravens. The idea of making simple easy cheer flags was born and as usual had a few supplies on hand. Presenting you our

Super Bowl Crafts:  Paper Cheer flag
Super Bowl Crafts: Paper Cheer flag
Materials Required:
Wooden Craft sticks (ur favorite team color…used purple for Ravens)
White color poster paper
Favorite team logo printouts
Black marker
Football stickers
Cut rectanglar strips of paper and then fold each of them into halves .
Place a stick in between the strip of paper and glue it to resemble a flag.
Now decorate it with your favorite team logo and football stickers.

You can even set up a table for Flag making before the Super Bowl Game begins and kids will have fun making them when adults have their own fun .We made plenty of them so Ashrith could share with his preschool friends and for the party at home too.
flagmaking                             Hold your flags and be ready to cheer coz it’s game time !!