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Diwali Craft : Paper Plate Rangoli idea for kids

Diwali is one of the most important and colorful of the Indian festivals. It is a festival of joy , splendor , brightness and happiness. No matter which part of the world we live , Diwali is celebrated with great enthusiasm by Indians .
During Diwali , people decorate their floors with Rangoli . This patterns are generally made with white powder or rice flour ,chalk, colored sand or flowers . The traditional Rangoli making is tough outdoors because the weather is chilly at this time of the year especially for us on east coast of United States . Keeping all this in mind , I wanted to create something that is colorful , not a lot of mess while making and easy for kids to understand . That’s when I came up this idea of Paper plate Rangoli , it can be made well in advance and reused every year too.
I think in this generation we need to be creative in making our festivals special and fun for kids. One such attempt is our
Diwali Craft : Paper Plate Rangoli idea for kids
Materials Needed :
Paper plate
IKEA Mala Fluorescent/glitter paints
Color Sharpies
Instructions :
Use a pencil to draw any Rangoli design on Paper Plate.
Once you are happy with your design , use Ikea paints to make outlines .
It’ll take few hours for the paint to dry .
After the paint dries , use color sharpies to fill in the spaces .
Now go ahead and add Rhinestones randomly or symmetrically wherever the design requires.
The beautiful and colorful Paper plate Rangoli is now a perfect Diwali décor !
Adding an extension to this activity is to arrange flowers around the paper plate Rangoli making it more elegant and colorful.
Lessons learnt : Rangoli making using paper plate , paints and decorating with flowers needs creativity and thought process .
Drawing Rangoli designs helps them learn the concept of symmetry. They color symmetrical, so that both sides of the design are same colors .
Last but not least ..Learn about rich Indian culture and the history of Rangolis .

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Happy Sankranthi/ Pongal 2014

“Sankranthi/Pongal Wishes to all my Friends and Readers.”
I have fond memories of making huge Rangolis/Muggus early in the morning with my sister and cousins. Ha ..Ha…I remember the fun part was Competing and Comparing with neighbour’s Rangoli designs. How I wish , I could make such Rangolis now but my bad…the weather in east coast( United States) …no chance.

Pongal wishes and Rangoli 2014Happy Sankranthi/ Pongal 2014
It’s cold with freezing rain outside…making a rangoli outside not a good idea.I came up with this awesome trick of making rangoli on my old side table. It’s not a fancy rangoli design but just a simple flower design .It is made using rice flour, turmeric ,kumkum and some glitter. I used  Rangoli Stencil for “Happy Pongal “letters.Have you ever tried these Rangoli Stencils?

Rangoli stencils

They are mostly sold outside temples and pilgrim places in  India and cost around 30 Rs each.They come in various designs and sizes. You can create your own patterns and rangoli using  stencils. Next time when you go to a temple ,just look around and do buy them bcos they are very easy to use and clean .My 9 year old niece loves to make designs with these  stencils so …Kids can have fun making Rangolis too. This can be called their first rangoli learning tool. If you outside India you can buy them on Amazon.com

I would love to share my rangoli designs with you but it will take some time to get  my old photo albums from India.How do you like the newer trend in Rangolis using Stencils? How have you been celebrating Sankranthi ?

Please send in your views and thoughts about the Festival and its traditions. Love to hear!!!

Ugadi Tradition: Making Garlands ( Necklaces) for Kids

It’s wonderful weather outside , after going through rough time with my eye infection for last  two weeks ,I feel happy and healthier now.Ugadi …telugu new year …a festival…a time to remember the past,celebrate the present and dream for the future.

Today ,Iam sharing a Ugadi tradition which is  followed  in most parts of telangana , Andhra pradesh .
Making Garlands(necklaces) for kids with different edible materials is a fun tradition for this festival . These garlands are generally sent by maternal Grandmother as a gift to Grandchildren.

I am going to share few garlands(necklaces) , made through the years for my son Ashrith .

Ugadi Tradition: Making Garlands ( Necklaces) for Kids

Materials needed:
Raisins/fruit loops/biscuits/Chakkara Achchulu
Coconut dry
Using a thread and needle ,tie a knot at the end and thread the edible materials u want to string and  in the center add a dry coconut with the white open side facing down.Make as many colorful patterns as you like with different materials .
Note: Double the thread for giving extra strength to the garland .As you may see in the picture above,  I made a fruit loops necklace garland for my friend’s daughter Saanvi……she looks so pretty and a perfect color match for her  traditional clothes.For the fruits loops ,I used a string  that looks  just like the one we use to tie our examination papers in India but green in color.It is very easy making garlands using a string even kids can involve.If you live in India ,you  can make garlands out of Chakkara Achchulu  (Sugar Figurines).

This garland was made using Ritz crackers …bcos they have holes which makes it very easy to thread .

Thanks to my friend Radhika who gave me this idea of adding a gold pendant to the raisins garland for a dazzling look!

ugadi traditionIf you notice this pic , it is a candy garland  bought from Easter stuff and to the center of it ,is attached a silver coconut which my mother sent for Ashrith from India

If you ask me what is the significance of this ?  I really don’t know but one thing I know for sure is its fun to make for our kids and see them smile.

Hey , do you have any Ugadi family tradition that is fun or unique ,Please share …I would love to hear about it .Also share your creative ideas for making the garlands(necklaces) if you follow this tradition .

Advance Happy Ugadi Wishes to all !!